Meet the touchscreen phone with built-in access to social sites at a price that would make anyone green with envy. Meet the Samsung Galaxy Mini™. An intuitive touchscreen phone that features web browsing, fast-messaging and media sharing options and a 3.0 MP camera-all powered by Android 2.2. Access over 250,000 of the latest apps on Android Market and use Touchwiz™ technology to drag and drop them onto your homescreen. Staying social has never been so easy! Text, browse, snap and share without ever breaking the bank, all on the Galaxy Mini.

3.14" Touchscreen with TouchWiz™.

Now all your favourite social sites are right where they should be - at your fingertips. With a brilliant 3.14” touchscreen and TouchWiz™ for organising apps, enjoy instant access to the web, texts, Facebook and Twitter without ever having to leave your homescreen.

Googe Mobile Services.

With preloaded apps like Google Talk and Gmail, the Samsung Galaxy Mini makes staying connected easier than ever before!

3.0 MP Camera.

If Galaxy Mini doesn't make you smile, its 3.0 MP will! Go snap happy and get great pics of your friends, then upload and share to your favourite social sites in an instant using one touch access widgets.

Android Froyo 2.2.

Android is all the rage - get in on the trend! This intuitive and interactive operating system makes going mobile easier than ever. Plus access to Android Market means you'll always have the latest apps to wow your friends with.

Social Hub™

You're always the first to know with Social Hub™. Tap on a friend's name and get a real-time look at what they're up to - like recent texts, tweets and status updates, all on one screen! Plus, all your contacts and calendars are synced up - so you'll never miss another event!

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.
Battery performance may change depending on the network configuration, operating temperature and usage.
(1) Dependant on your service provider.