Samsung ATIV
Your life, Connected

With cutting-edge performance, sleek designs and unique sharing features, ATIV PCs allow you to work more and play more. A new era of computing has arrived

Discover Samsung ATIV

Design, create, and experience with incredible power

The Samsung ATIV Book 8 is for people who want
their machines to do more. Whether you’re
gaming, editing, designing, or watching videos,
this model is built for heavy-duty performance

Learn more about the ATIV Book 8

The Ultra-Slim Samsung
ATIV Book 9 Plus

Take performance, design and sharing to a whole
new level. Featuring a 4th generation Intel processor
and 3200x1800 resolution, you can do more and
share more with the ATIV Book 9 Plus

ATIV Book 9 Plus

Samsung recommends Windows 8.

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