The ATIV One 7 represents a major leap forward in interactive screen technology. It features an innovative 10-finger multi-touch functionality, voice recognition, and hand gesture controls, as well as an ultra-sleek design and crystal-clear display with 170-degree viewing angle capability. With more ways than ever to control your computer, this model ensures a truly immersive user experience.

Complete control at your fingertips

Advanced 10-finger multi-touch functionality gives you intricate control over your device and drastically increases the range of functions that can be performed. Enhanced sensitivity allows you to rotate images, zoom in and out, and scroll through content the same way you would on a smartphone or tablet device.

More screen for easier touch interaction

Perfectly designed for the Windows 8 interface, this fully flat display has a sleek zero-depth bezel that maximizes the touch screen area, giving you more room to interact with the screen and control your programs.

Control your computer in new ways

Innovative five-finger gesture recognition allows you to accurately control your screen without ever touching it. With just a flick of the wrist from up to 1 metre away, you can issue practical commands that change the way you interact with your PC.

Keep your home in sync

It's never been easier to connect your devices. HomeSync Lite is a personal cloud platform that allows you to share content between all the devices in your home, and SideSync lets you seamlessly connect your phone and PC together, so you can transfer files, share screens, and control your phone from your computer.

A clearer picture almost anywhere

Enjoy consistently superior picture clarity at any angle within 178 degrees, vertically and horizontally, without any color distortion thanks to innovative wide viewing angle technology. So all of your family can enjoy watching a movie or looking at photos from virtually anywhere in the room.

Rich & immersive sound

14 watt speakers with Tweeter and Dolby sound bring you rich sound quality that's perfect for home entertainment. The Tweeter's ability to play high frequency sounds creates a more realistic experience, while Dolby sound generates movie theater like sound quality. So now you don't have to go to a theater!

Outstandingly smooth graphics

Powerful AMD Radeon HD 7850M graphics deliver smooth video playback, so you can play even the most demanding games with the maximum detail and resolution and without any delay. It's perfect for home gaming, but you can also do heavy editing work all within the same environment.

A recipe for easier cooking

Using hand gesture technology and a large screen, no more wet hands on keyboards or enlarging recipes on the small screen of a smartphone. Simply gesture with your hands and enjoy real-time cooking without any delay or inconvenience.

The key to getting more done

When working on documents and playing games the keyboard and mouse are used together. So an ergonomically designed keyboard without numeric keys makes typing and using the mouse much easier and more comfortable by providing extra space. Useful Windows 8 hot keys, including a Windows 8 Charm Bar, also provide faster access to frequently used functions.

Designed to enhance any home

Accentuate your home with a modern and minimalistic look. Its clutter-free and space-saving design features a uniquely stylish metallic arch stand*, ultra slim display* with a durable metal edge and an edge to edge glossy black screen. So now you can enhance your home decoration and add a premium look to any living space.

Zero depth bezel for maximum usability

With the advent of Windows 8 even more functions have been introduced to enhance the touch experience, such as swiping the screen’s edge to call-up the system or application menu. So a fully flat screen with a zero depth bezel ensures the perfect touch experience, including edge swiping.

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