The S Pen makes it easier to interact with your ATIV Smart PC – without leaving messy fingerprints. Its 1024 level pressure sensitivity delivers the super accuracy demanded by professional designers, so it’s just like using a normal pen or pencil. And for maximum comfort and convenience it’s identical in size and fits within your ATIV Smart PC.

Take back control

Unleash your creativity with the S Pen. Its accurate tip simulates a finger touch, but without leaving a single fingerprint behind. So you can quickly make notes, draw, edit and erase with the finest control, or just tap and swipe to enjoy a full touch screen experience.

Premium, compact styling

The S Pen blends the very best of form and function. Its stylish and comfortable design is similar to other premium writing instruments, but is small enough to be concealed within the PC. And it is also available in a choice of attractive white black and blue finishes.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.