Immerse the entire living room or office in glorious picture quality and incredibly vivid colours. The Samsung LED monitor series 7 has Full HD, a wide viewing angle, and Mega DCR so you’ll always experience the highest quality image. And thanks to the narrow bezel and innovative pivot feature, this incredibly powerful monitor fits the decor of almost any environment.

Slim, sleek, and versatile to fit the design of your room

The slim, sleek, and stylish Samsung LED monitor series 7 exudes elegance and still makes great use of the environment thanks to an ultra-slim design and a narrow bezel. The most convenient feature comes in the form of the Simple Turn Pivot function. This allows you to tilt your screen from landscape to portrait so that you can access more information with less scrolling.

Be entertained from every angle

Whether you’re off to the side, directly in front, or farther back from the screen, thanks to Samsung’s wide viewing angle you’ll always have the best seat in the house. Unlike conventional monitors that use a standard 170-degree viewing angle, the Samsung LED Monitor brings additional eight degrees to provide an extra-wide viewing angle, both vertically and horizontally. So whether you’re having a movie night with your friends, or showing vacation photos on the big screen, everyone in the room can clearly see everything on screen.

Upscale your view with better quality and picture

You can watch your media files on your regular computer screen, or you can experience them on a whole new level with a Samsung monitor with Magic Upscale. Magic Upscale improves the quality of your movies, games, and shows to give you a better picture. It gives only pristine colours and images while preventing any image degradation during the upscaling process. So for an enhanced image with sharper edges and vibrant colours, let Magic Upscale do all the work.

Experience real-life colour quality

You’ve probably seen how incredible pictures can look on an HD screen, but if you’ve ever experienced real-to-life colour, you’ll understand that there is quite an improvement. Samsung monitors with Mega DCR deliver new levels of colour and picture quality by improving the contrast ratio. This means blacks will always be at their absolute darkest and whites are pristine. Mega DCR is like an explosion of colours that makes other screens seem dull in comparison.

Conveniently adjust the screen with a simple turn

The most convenient feature of the Samsung LED Monitor Series 7 comes in the form of its pivot function. You can rotate your screen to give you the best angle or view that you desire. Tilt your screen from landscape to portrait so you can access more information at a time and scroll less. This function also allows you to use your Series 7 as a dual monitor in conjunction with a laptop. Experience a whole new way of viewing your screen with the impressive features of Samsung’s LED Monitor Series 7.

Decrease your carbon footprint with Eco Saving

The Samsung LED Monitor Series 7 comes with an Eco Saving function that makes it easier to save energy. It adjusts the brightness of your monitor based on the amount of energy you wish to save. Choose from three energy saving modes. Take the effort out of energy saving and take control of your environment.

Monitor compatible with Windows 8

Upgrade to the Samsung LED Monitor Series 7 with 100% compatibility with Windows 8. This Samsung LED Monitor has received a certification logo from Windows 8 that supports the Metro UI feature.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.