The Samsung monitor series 8 is what photographers and videos editors have been waiting for. With incomparable screen resolution, the ability to recreate near perfect images, and a design to ensure productivity and comfort, this is the perfect monitor for visual thinkers. From multiple viewing angles to features like Picture by Picture, the series 8 adds an incredible amount of vibrancy and colour to all of your pictures and videos.

See everything better with four times the resolution of HD

See details you never knew existed, watch HD videos like never before, and experience an enhanced true-to-life colour. With the astounding WQHD display’s 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution, you’re actually seeing four times the resolution of standard HD (720p). The wide screen is great for entertainment purposes, but it’s also perfect for business environments like hospitals, clinics, photography studios and more. The increased screen resolution provides greater efficiency and quality than standard monitors and can help enhance your business.

See images as nature intended

Now you can display all of your images and HD videos with the natural colours you shot them in. Samsung monitors display perfect images thanks to 100% SRBG colour matching. No matter what digital device the image was captured on, it’s as picture perfect on screen as when you took it. So you can view, edit, and save images in their original format without any picture quality degradation.

Incredible picture quality from every angle

Whether you’re off to the side, directly in front, or farther back from the screen, thanks to Samsung’s wide viewing angle you’ll always have the best seat in the house. Unlike conventional monitors that use a standard 170-degree viewing angle, the Samsung LED monitor brings additional eight degrees to provide an extra-wide viewing angle, both vertically and horizontally. The superior PLS technology (Plane-to-Line Switching) also maximizes your viewing experience. Standard screens suffer from what is called Colour Shift, which reduces the picture quality and colour when viewed from an acute angle. But thanks to the wide 178-degree viewing angle, both vertically and horizontally, you’ll always experience a crisp and detailed picture.

Work together on the same screen at the same time

Samsung monitors with Picture by Picture allow for twice the capabilities as regular monitors. Utilizing Samsung’s dual input feature, two PCs can now be viewed simultaneously on the one monitor screen. Picture by Picture allows for a far more flexible approach to work and ensures content can be accessed easily, even from two different PCs. This allows for more collaboration, more productivity and more accessibility for the entire office.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.