Samsung SB970 Monitor
Experience colour like never before

With the Samsung premium monitor series 9, you can extend your creativity to new levels of quality and professionalism. With a hardware calibration engine, this monitor offers superb picture quality, colour expression, and management. It's also easy to take control using the On Screen Display mode and Natural Colour Expert Wizard mode. Each monitor is tested thoroughly by our calibration experts so you can be sure that colour quality will be at its best, right off the box.

Designed for performance. Designed with elegance

This is more than just a monitor; it’s an extension of your room’s design. The slim profile and sleek design boasts a sophisticated frame in the front and a shimmering panel in the back. The slim bezel and hidden-panel display create a stunning look, while the solid metal frame adds an elegant touch.

Colour that’s perfect out of the box

All of these monitors are carefully calibrated to ensure the best possible colour results as soon as you begin to use it. The built-in hardware calibration engine has been inspected and fine-tuned by experts during production. Calibration options like White Balance Correction, Gamma Correction, and Non-uniformity Correction are carefully tested to achieve unbelievably accurate results. This means that your monitor has already been primed to deliver stunning image quality before you even open the box.

Engine-powered colour calibration

It’s time to take your photo editing and design skills to the next level and take control of the colour calibration yourself. With the professional built-in calibration engine, you’re getting incredibly accurate colours that breathe life into visuals like never before. With the help of Best Display Mode and the Natural Colour Expert Wizard, the Samsung Premium Monitor Series 9 makes it easy to adjust colour settings to your exact specifications. Auto-colour correct on a standard monitor doesn’t always work seamlessly with the monitor’s hardware, but thanks to the 16-bit RGB look-up table calibration software, you can auto-calibrate to achieve stunningly realistic results.

Experience colours the way nature intended

With the ingenious built-in color calibration engine and factory professional tuning, Samsung’s LED Monitor Series 9 delivers an unmatched visual experience. Viewers can immerse themselves in colours that are as rich and detailed as nature itself. Samsung specialists tune and perfectly adjust the monitor’s colour to produce the perfect experience. The best-in-class colour control technology provides accurate and genuine colour production. This expert touch that sits within the monitor ensures that transitions are smooth, colours are life-like, and the experience is truly unforgettable.

See more content with unbelievable screen resolution

The Samsung LED Monitor Series 9 showcases an astounding WQHD display with 2560x1440 pixel resolution, which is four times the resolution of HD(720p). It is perfect for businesses and industries that rely on access to extremely fine monitor detail. The wide screen, which features dual link DVI and display port, allows for more detail to be viewed and is ideal for work places such as design and ad agencies and studios. The enhanced screen resolution provides greater efficiency and quality, and really is the must-have when delivering the best experience and high quality.

Experience colours on a new level

Watch over one billion colours explode into life right before your very eyes with Samsung’s LED Series 9 Monitor. With Accurate Color Presentation’s capabilities, viewers can experience colours as nature intended and with stunning clarity. Your favourite movies, games and pictures benefit from true-to-life detail with a wider scope of colours. With over one billion colours, you can immerse you imagination in colours that are unforgettable.

Enhance viewing from mobile to monitor

With Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL), experience entertainment with full-size monitor luxury and higher-quality HD viewing. MHL lets you watch video and other content on the move, then easily connect the mobile device to a monitor with the included cable. You can finish viewing in stunning HD anywhere you want, and charge devices while connected, too. Combine portability with home comfort for an optimised view.

The total audio-video solution with built-in speakers

With a built-in Samsung Stereo Speaker, a 5 Way Speaker delivers high-quality stereo sound and a richer multimedia experience. You’ll enjoy enhanced movies and music, as if you were in a theatre or concert, thanks to Samsung’s outstanding audio. Experience total convenience and make the most of home or office space with cost-efficient built-in speakers.

Upgrade to the next level with Mega Dynamic Contrast

Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio delivers new levels of colour and picture quality to your viewing experience with images that are real-to-life. A breathtaking Mega∞ DCR (Static 1000:1) contrast ratio shows blacks at their absolute darkest and pristine whites and other colours at their brightest. You will notice the crystal clear picture clarity. It is like explosions of colours that make other screens seem dull in comparison. Enjoy your multimedia content with the professionalism it deserves.

Series 9 Monitor

See the Series 9 Monitor in action with its post-minimalist design, entertainment solutions, wide HD display, expert colour tuning and build-in Calibration Engine.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.