R01 R0101 ca 06010100 CLX-3185/XAA
  • CLX-3185 1 FrontCLX-3185Phttp://images.samsung.com/is/image/samsung/ca_CLX-3185-XAA_001_Front?$L1-Gallery$ca_CLX-3185-XAA_001_Front30002000370370default1886778
  • CLX-3185 2 Right AngleCLX-3185Phttp://images.samsung.com/is/image/samsung/ca_CLX-3185-XAA_002_Right-Angle?$L1-Gallery$ca_CLX-3185-XAA_002_Right-Angle30002000370370default9095074
  • CLX-3185 3 DynamicCLX-3185Phttp://images.samsung.com/is/image/samsung/ca_CLX-3185-XAA_003_Dynamic?$L1-Gallery$ca_CLX-3185-XAA_003_Dynamic30002000370370default9095075
CLX-3185 Front

“A screen printing and eco copy that gets it all done in one touch?” No problem.

The versatile 3-in-1 Samsung CLX-3185 makes printing easy with its one-touch Print Screen button.

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Product Features

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  • Colour Print, Copy, Scan


  • Copy speed (mono): up to 16 cpm in A4 (17cpm in Letter)
  • Copy Speed(colour): Up to 4 cpm in A4 (4 cpm in Letter)
  • Copy resolution Text, Mixed, Magazine Mode: Up to 600 x 600 dpi, Photo Mode: Up to 1,200 x 1,200 dpi
  • First copy out time (mono) less than 18 sec
  • First copy out time (colour) less than 45 sec
  • Zoom Rate: 25 - 400% for Platen
  • Multi Copy 1 - 99 pages
  • ID Copy, Clone Copy, N-UP Copy, Poster Copy


  • Up to 16 ppm in A4 (17 ppm in Letter) Speed (Mono)
  • Up to 4 ppm in A4 (4 ppm in Letter) Speed (Colour)
  • First print out time (Mono) Less than 14 sec (From Ready Mode)
  • First print out time (colour) Less than 26 sec (From Ready Mode)
  • Resolution Up to 2400 x 600 dpi effective output
  • SPL-C (Samsung Printer Language Colour) Print Emulation
  • Manual Duplex Print
First Print Out Time (Mono)
First Print Out Time (Colour)
First Copy Out Time (Mono)
First Copy Out Time (Colour)
Zoom Rate
Multi Copy
Copy Features

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  • OverallRating is 4 out of 5 stars
  • featuresRating is 4.1 out of 5 stars
  • PerformanceRating is 4.1 out of 5 stars
  • DesignRating is 4 out of 5 stars
  • ValueRating is 4.5 out of 5 stars


Rating is 5 out of 5 stars

‘‘UNSURPASSED Quality vs Price’’

Rating is 5 out of 5 stars


Rating is 5 out of 5 stars

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