Geared to give more print flexibility, the ML-1910/1915/2525 series offers a range of features to make you more productive. These include a Print Screen function and AnyWeb Print so you can load your screen and print what you see at a push of a button.

Print Screen

The Print Screen function is a quick and easy way to print the contents of your screen, and it’s especially useful if you handle a high volume of web-based information. You can pull together web pages, pictures or other documents in separate windows on your screen, and print them all together in a single operation - instead of having to process them individually. All you do is press the Print Screen button on the printer control panel.The Print Screen facility can be used in two ways:

• Pressing the Print Screen button for less than two seconds prints out the contents of your screen as you see it.
• Pressing the Print Screen button for longer than two seconds just prints the active window.

AnyWeb Print

Samsung's AnyWeb Print software is another useful feature. It allows you to select, drag and drop content from different webpages into a new blank page on screen, without any resizing or other editing. AnyWeb Print is a quick and easy way of pulling information together, and you can save the pages you create either as tiff files or pdfs. They can be printed using the Print Screen button or your normal print menu. So you can quickly and easily print what you see.

• AnyWeb Print software enables you to gather data together, and handle information more effectively.

Fast print performance

With speed options from 18 to 24 ppm, and resolution up to 1200 x 600 dpi, the ML-1910/1915/2525 series offers the flexibility to meet all your daily print requirements. And with a FPOT of less than ten seconds, you won’t be kept waiting.

Streamlined design

1. Output cover
As well as adding to the streamlined look the output cover also helps to keep the noise level down when printing ensuring a tranquil office environment.
2. Control panel
Clean, uncluttered and easy to navigate for maximum effectiveness. These series have the power button on the top, making it easier to turn on/off. Plus the Print Screen button enables quick and easy professional print outs.
3. Enclosed cassette tray
Stylish and practical. The enclosed cassette tray provides a compact finish and ensures the paper is kept dust free and clean, helping guarantee reliable professional prints.
4. Stylish
With its streamlined exterior these series of colour laser printers are designed to fit perfectly into any professional business, helping to add a touch of style.

Cartridge options for your budget needs

Samsung ML-1910/1915/2525 series printers also offer a choice of consumables to meet your cashflow needs. High yield toner cartridges, which are ideal for heavy users, last longer and give you lower costs per page. Optionally, low yield toner cartridges have the advantage of lower initial outlay.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.