Find it all in the SAMSUNG SCX-5935FN, a superb laser multifunction printer. The ultimate office assistant, it supports workgroups of varying sizes and needs. Extensively tested for total durability, it can print, copy, scan and fax in the thousands per day, every day. All at a cost that’s highly affordable and it’s not just money you’ll save. Designed for efficiency, the SCX-5935FN lets you accomplish everything fast. Getting that productivity boost has never been this easy.

highest maximum monthly duty

With an average of 2,500 to 5,000 prints a month, know you stand to get the most out of your multifunction printer. Even in the most demanding and challenging business environments, the SCX-5935FN leads in productivity? Capable of delivering a maximum of 80,000 sheets.

enhanced for greater support

The SCX-5935FN is not your average printer. Equipped with a built-in 80 GB HDD, it boasts nearly twice the capacity of the nearest competitor. Right out of the box, you get a suite of bigger capabilities! Plus support for a wider range of applications, to meet the needs of highly sensitive business environments. Secure printing being one feature that maintains strict confidentiality.

high volume paper handling

Depending on your needs, the SCX-5935FN can be fitted with multiple trays with different paper types and sizes to hold up to 1,050 sheets at a time. Print in bulk without the need to constantly replenish the paper supply? Especially with the capability to print on both sides of a sheet at the touch of a button.

enhanced emulation

Built-in emulation technology ensures utmost compatibility with any computer or software, so the multifunction printer can process every document fast and easy. No matter the job or requirement, from basic prints to professional-looking documents, you’re guaranteed the printout and quality you need.

one-touch control-1

Simplify tasks with a 7-inch colour LCD touch screen that does away with unattractive physical buttons and adds to surrounding decor. Information is displayed clearly and concisely, with most menu options accessible directly from the LCD. Intuitive navigation minimizes operation time. Every second saved counts towards increasing productivity.

one-touch control-2

With the enhancements in place, you can view the entire menu in one glance? This intelligent menu can also be customized to your needs for increased efficiency. While in operation, the on-screen information is also streamlined to individual work processes. When a problem arises, find the fix through simple guided instructions and graphics.

minimal noise interference

The SCX-5935FN helps create a better, more peaceful working environment by printing at a silent 52 dB (quieter than a competing model in the same class) so your mind stays on the job. Less stress, more productivity? Simply the best balance for your business.

worry-free operations

The multi-talented SCX-5935FN will change the way you work. You get high performance that will boost productivity and streamline workflow. Intuitive troubleshooting solutions and simplicity help reduce maintenance time so you can spend more time on the job and not fixing paper jams.

lowest cost per print

More economical to operate than other models in the market, the SCX-5935FN adds more value to your set-up. Think of the compounded savings you stand to make, with each printout costing you less than ever. The assurance of reliability also minimizes cost-wastage typically incurred with paper jams and other malfunctions.

expandable RAM

Boost the printer’s performance with up to 512 MB memory to tackle all those image-heavy documents. Every printout is delivered quickly and smoothly without any bottlenecks to disrupt workflow.

workgroup solutions

Enjoy the flexibility to do more with the SCX-5935FN. A multifunction whiz, it accepts information through scanning, email, fax or folders. The data can then be manipulated through full OCR processing, metadata, 3rd party applications or user-customized software. Share the finalized information via fax, print, email, FTP and applications like MS SharePoint, or send it to a PC folder through the workgroup LAN.

streamlined interface

Breeze through the many functions with a simple - to-use interface. General help can be obtained through the handy "User Tips" feature. To further reduce guesswork, you can also instantly pull up a display of the complete menu flow and organization.

the beauty of convenience

Change the way you look at printers, and how you work, with the outstanding features of the SCX-5935FN. A Direct USB port turns it into a self-functioning PC to save time and effort, letting you print and scan directly with a USB device. The SCX-5935FN is a veritable scanner, with an innovative white LED scanner that scans documents faster and in a higher quality compared to other conventional models.

Samsung MobilePrint Application

Samsung MobilePrint is a free application which enables you to print photos, documents and web pages directly from your Android smartphone and tablet. The application also enables scanning documents to your mobile device directly. For more information and to download the free app, please click here.

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