310 Watts Wireless Subwoofer Speaker HW-D550


310 Watts Wireless Subwoofer Speaker HW-D550 With its sleek, sophisticated design, Samsung’s HW-D550 46” wide wall-mountable speaker system is a perfect complement to your flat panel TV, as well as your home décor. Simple and easy to install, the hassle-free speaker system will fulfill your needs for an enhanced sound experience delivering 310 watts of virtual surround sound and thunderous bass from the dual-band wireless subwoofer. Once you turn on the system, the speakers will transform your experience by enveloping you with waves of realistic sound produced by its Virtual Surround and 3D Sound technologies. Add in 2 HDMI v1.4 (3D, ARC, CEC) inputs and 1 HDMI output the HW-D550 provides enhanced connectivity and an incredible boost in audio performance far beyond your television speakers. 0 5 0 reviews

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310 Watts Wireless Subwoofer Speaker HW-D550


  • Delivering 310 watts of virtual surround sound and thunderous bass from the dual-band wireless subwoofer

Dual-Band Wireless Subwoofer

Dual-Band Wireless Subwoofer
Combining form and function, the included 150 watt wireless subwoofer provides booming bass along with the ability to be discretely placed anywhere in the room. And with dual-band a 2.4 & 5.8 GHz operating frequency, the subwoofer intelligently switches channels when interference is detected to ensure uninterrupted, deep bass with your virtual surround experience.

Virtual Surround Sound

Virtual Surround Sound
Samsung’s Virtual Surround delivers that sophisticated surround sound effect without the clutter of additional speakers and tangled wires. Imagine an increased sense of spaciousness from a 2.1 channel system. With 5.1 virtual surround processing, it feels as if rich, high-quality sound is all around you, especially in a smaller rooms.


Maximize your room's potential and throw out your entertainment stand. With the included wall mount, it’s easy to secure the Samsung HW-D550 to the wall underneath or above a wall mounted HDTV. So you can enjoy an elegant, cleaner living space.
Smart Volume

Smart Volume

Intelligent audio adjustment is enabled by the Smart Volume feature. The HW-D550 uses advanced audio levelling technology to intuitively adjust sound levels in real time and create a finely tuned sonic environment. Smart Volume achieves a harmonic balance between scenes, channels and TV commercials to provide a more comfortable entertainment experience.
2 HDMI™ v1.4 Inputs

2 HDMI™ v1.4 Inputs

With 2 HDMI inputs the HW-D550 speaker bar enables you to connect additional HD audio and video devices with one simple cable. With the latest HDMI v1.4 specification it supports 3D, controlling all connected devices with 1 remote and the ability to send audio “upstream” to an A/V receiver or surround audio controller, increasing user flexibility and eliminating the need for additional audio cables.

tech specs

Dimension of HW-D550/ZC

General Feature

  • Total Power

    80 W x 2 + 150 W SUB

  • Reference THD/Impedence/Frequency

    10% 4 ohm

  • # of Channel (DSP)


  • Frequency Range

    20 Hz ~ 20 kHz

Audio Feature

  • Dolby Digital


  • DTS


  • Smart Volume


  • Lip Sync


  • # of DSP

    7 (Incl. 3D Depth Sound)

  • Multi-Ch PCM Processing




  • Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)


  • iPod/iPhone Dock Cradle included

    Optional (HT-WDC10)

  • ARC (Audio Return Channel)


  • HDMI Input&Output

    2 / 1

  • Digital Input (Optical/Coaxial)

    2 / 0

  • Audio Input


Special Feature

  • Crystal Sound (Discrete Amp)


Video Feature

  • 3D Video Pass



  • Sub Woofer

    Wireless Active

  • Front

    2 Way 3 Speaker


  • Main Set Weight

    2.06 kg

  • Main Set Dimension (WxHxD)

    1056 x 80 x 45 mm (46" Width)

  • Sub Woofer Net Dimension (WxHxD)

    178 x 360 x 295 mm

  • Sub Woofer Weight

    5.30 kg

  • Gross Dimension (WxHxD): One Packing

    1136 x 462 x 246 mm

  • Gross Weight: One Packing

    10.26 kg


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