HW-F550 Sound Bar


HW-F550 Sound Bar The Samsung HW-F550 brings a warm, classic sound right to your living room. The powerful, wireless subwoofer makes your movies, TV show and music albums sound incredible. Bluetooth® wireless technology, coupled with SoundShare, also lets you wirelessly connect your smartphone and your TV, straight to your sound system. And without any wires required to connect, you can place the wireless HW-F550 anywhere in the room, even on the wall, without any clutter. 3.5 5 2 reviews

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HW-F550 Sound Bar


  • Rich, powerful sound without any of the clutter

Wirelessly connect to enhance your TV’s sound

Wirelessly connect to enhance your TV’s sound
Huge explosions, intense dialogue, romantic moments and more will never sound the same. With the help of SoundShare, you can connect wirelessly to your Samsung TV and get deep, rich and clear audio. Instead of using messy wires, SoundShare uses Bluetooth ® wireless technology to transmit audio from your TV. You’ll get incredible sound from your movies and TV shows without the clutter. * SoundShare is only available for select Samsung 3D TVs. [2013] LED Series 6400 or higher and PDP Series 5500 or higher. [2012] LED Series 6500 or higher and PDP Series 550 or higher.

Stream and enjoy your favourite tunes wirelessly

Stream and enjoy your favourite tunes wirelessly
Enjoy the freedom to stream music wirelessly from your smartphone and other portable media devices directly to the sound bar without the need for wires or a dock. Use your Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled device as a wireless remote to conveniently select and play music from anywhere in the room.

3D Sound Plus

3D Sound Plus
3D Sound Plus, Samsung’s unique sound processing technology, combines its latest advancements in sound, 3D depth Sound and Horizontal Surround, to deliver a more realistic 3D experience for a truly heart-pounding, immersive adventure.

A little extra bass for any space

A little extra bass for any space
Get the deep bass sound you want from anywhere in your room, with the included dual band wireless subwoofer. In addition to 150 watts of sound, the dual band frequencies ensure rich uninterrupted bass with your virtual surround sound experience.

tech specs

Dimension of HW-F550/ZC

General Feature

  • Total Power

    310 W

  • Number of Channel


Decoding Format

  • AAC


  • MP3


  • WAV


  • WMA, WMV(1/2/3/7/9)


  • OGG


  • FLAC



Audio Feature

  • Dolby Digital


  • DTS


  • 3D Sound Plus


  • Smart Volume


  • Lip Sync


  • Number of Sound Modes (DSP)



  • Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)


  • USB Host 2.0


  • Bluetooth


  • Sound Share


  • ARC (Audio Return Channel)


  • HDMI Out


  • Number of HDMI Input


  • Number of Audio Input


  • Number of Optical Input


  • Number of coaxial Input


Special Feature

  • Crystal Amplifier Pro



  • Sub Woofer

    Wireless Active

  • Front

    2 Way 3 Speaker


  • Spk (Main) Net Dimension (WxHxD)

    943 x 55 x 60 mm

  • Spk (Sub Woofer) Net Dimension (WxHxD)

    291 x 369 x 291 mm

  • Gross Dimension (WxHxD): One Packing

    1006 x 455 x 346 mm


  • Spk (Main) Net Weight

    2.2 kg

  • Spk (Sub Woofer) Net Weight

    7.25 kg

  • Gross Weight: One Packing

    13.8 kg


  • Stand-by Power Consumption (Main)

    0.45 W

  • Stand-by Power Consumption (Subwoofer)

    0.45 W

  • Operating Power Consumption (Main)

    30 W

  • Operating Power Consumption (Subwoofer)

    25 W

  • Free Voltage



  • Audio Cable



Owners Overall Ratings

1 out of 2 (50%) customers recommend this product

  • Features3.5/5.0
  • Performance4.0/5.0
  • Design4.0/5.0
  • Value3.5/5.0

Owner Reviews

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  • Features4/5.0
  • Performance5/5.0
  • Design5/5.0
  • Value4/5.0

Excellent soundbar with new-technology flaws

It's tough to tell how well a soundbar will work until you have it in the intended space. I gambled a bit by ordering my HW-F550 online, but got it at a great sale price.

I love the low-profile design and clean look, particularly with the LEDs and speakers fully hidden behind the grille, and appreciate the multiple inputs (HDMI, optical, USB, minijack, Bluetooth). I mostly rely on an optical connection from my TV, which enables the soundbar to power on when a digital signal comes in. The Bluetooth also works very well and connects without issue, but I expect that in this day and age. Sound quality is good to my ears, but that's personal. I generally prefer clarity over thump, particularly for television. Voices are always clear and easy to hear, and music fills the room easily when I want it to. My three main issues with this unit are the same as for most soundbars, and I expect that they'll be solved in the next generation or two: 1. They are not compatible with most universal remotes, so I can't program my DVR remote to control the volume, as would be the case with a typical audio receiver. 2. It appears that manufacturers have not settled on a standard for HDMI-ARC communication, so I can't get my HW-F550 to work smoothly with my 2013 TV from another major manufacturer, despite both having HDMI-ARC. 3. Although the soundbar turns off when it senses inactivity, the wireless subwoofer always draws power. I've solved this issue with an energy-conserving power bar that turns off everything except the DVR when the TV is off. I have two minor issues specifically with the HW-F550. First, the remote control is...ugly. It doesn't match the design appeal of the sound bar, and all of the extra buttons to control a Samsung TV are unnecessary. You're not going to use this remote to control your entertainment system...as noted, I only need it to raise and lower the volume. A simpler remote that matches the aesthetic would be more pleasing. Also, there are firmware upgrades, but the instructions are a little convoluted due to there being two separate files that have to be loaded in a certain order. Nice to have firmware upgrades, but it should have been simplified into four steps: download file, put file on USB, plug in USB, turn on soundbar. It might sound like I'm complaining, but overall I'm really pleased with the HW-F550. For the most part, I don't have to think about it, and that's what I'm looking for in this type of product.

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  • Features3/5.0
  • Performance3/5.0
  • Design3/5.0
  • Value3/5.0

Great sound

So I will update my review, Samsung has come clean now and lists the F550 sound bar SMART ON function to work on 2013 TVs, this is now clear and my previous complaint was with my 2012 TV.

Now they have made it clear, whereas previously it was not clear, but my money is already spent!! Aside from not being able to power the unit on, I love this sound bar.

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User Manual

0.01MB, pdf, ENGLISH


Other Manuals (1)

  • User Manual

    10.14 MB, pdf, ENGLISH, FRENCH


Firmware (3)

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