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Powerful sound in simple design. AriTrack HW-F550
The Samsung HW-F550 brings a warm, classic sound right to your living room. The powerful, wireless subwoofer makes your movies, TV show and music albums sound incredible. Bluetooth® wireless technology, coupled with SoundShare, also lets you wirelessly connect your smartphone and your TV, straight to your sound system. And without any wires required to connect, you can place the wireless HW-F550 anywhere in the room, even on the wall, without any clutter.

Wirelessly connect to enhance your TV’s sound

Huge explosions, intense dialogue, romantic moments and more will never sound the same. With the help of SoundShare, you can connect wirelessly to your Samsung TV and get deep, rich and clear audio. Instead of using messy wires, SoundShare uses Bluetooth ® wireless technology to transmit audio from your TV. You’ll get incredible sound from your movies and TV shows without the clutter.

* SoundShare is only available for select Samsung 3D TVs.
[2013] LED Series 6400 or higher and PDP Series 5500 or higher.
[2012] LED Series 6500 or higher and PDP Series 550 or higher.

Stream and enjoy your favourite tunes wirelessly

Enjoy the freedom to stream music wirelessly from your smartphone and other portable media devices directly to the sound bar without the need for wires or a dock. Use your Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled device as a wireless remote to conveniently select and play music from anywhere in the room.

3D Sound Plus

3D Sound Plus, Samsung’s unique sound processing technology, combines its latest advancements in sound, 3D depth Sound and Horizontal Surround, to deliver a more realistic 3D experience for a truly heart-pounding, immersive adventure.

A little extra bass for any space

Get the deep bass sound you want from anywhere in your room, with the included dual band wireless subwoofer. In addition to 150 watts of sound, the dual band frequencies ensure rich uninterrupted bass with your virtual surround sound experience.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.