Easily connect via Wi-Fi without any monthly service fees. The Samsung Galaxy Player can access the internet and apps anywhere there is an available hotspot. The sleek, lightweight 121 g design fits in any pocket and the brilliant 4” LCD delivers incredible viewing quality. Get instant access to your favorite content. Enjoy music and movies, play games and browse the web, or create your own pictures and video. Plus, you can video chat with the front-facing camera. Need to stay connected with your social circle? No problem. Your Galaxy Player allows you to stay updated through email, Qik Video, Facebook®, and Twitter™. Being social has never been easier!


The new sound technology of the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0, SoundAlive, offers enhanced sound quality, hearing protection, and an improved user experience.

Powered by Android™


Over 250000 apps available in Android Market

The Samsung Galaxy Player features Gingerbread, Google’s Android 2.3.5 platform, bringing you great performance and speed for browsing Adobe® Flash® Player compatible websites. Fully integrated with services like Google Maps™ and YouTube™ you can search, view, and easily download any of the over 250000 apps available in Android Market.

Powerful Google Mobile Services

Enjoy Google search, location, Gmail, G-talk, voice search and video services through an easy to access one-stop service. Now you find what you need by voice, get to your destination fast & efficiently, check your email, watch funny videos and send and receive instant messages on the go!

Super Clear LCD

Compared to its predecessor, the Super Clear LCD reduces reflections, displays bright and vivid colours even under direct sunlight, and resists impacts and scratches to keep the display crystal clear long into the future. The Super Clear LCD boasts vibrant colours, a high contrast ratio, glare deflection, and a wide viewable angle. The capacitive touch screen of the Super Clear LCD is layered directly on top of the main display surface with no air between them, which makes the display thinner, improves the brightness and intensity of colours while reduces glare .

Internet calling with Skype & Qik

Make free video and voice calls with popular VoIP applications such as Skype and Qik on your Galaxy Player 4.0 that has been optimized for the best Internet calling experience.


Reach the full potential of your Samsung Galaxy Player with Samsung SPSN How-to videos. View step-by-step instructions and learn how to do just about anything right at your fingertips!


The Galaxy Player 4.0 camera application takes perfect full-landscape panoramas and close-up portraits in low or full light without distortion due to camera shake.


Enjoy access to the MS Office suit of productivity enhancement applications. View, edit, and save any MS Office program in their original format.


The Global Positioning System (GPS) is space-based global navigation system that provides accurate positioning, location, and time information to GPS receivers or GPS-enabled mobile devices.

Integrated Calendar

The Galaxy Player 4.0‘s Integrated Calendar provides a complete run down of schedules and to-do lists.