Samsungs ES7500 LED TV truly pushes the boundaries of home entertainment offering technologies you’ve only seen in movies about the future.

Renew your TV, every year

Keep your TV up-to-date with the latest technology is now a reality. Samsung's Smart Evolution completely reengineers your TV without having to replace the whole set. Simply insert the Samsung Smart Evolution Kit and let it work its magic. Transform your TV's dual core CPU to the faster generation of quad core technology. Heighten your viewing experience by shifting your VOD resolution HD TV to the wondrous picture quality Full HD has to offer. Add more functions and reinvent your television with more contents. Access a whole new world of interactive contents and new features, your TV will never be the same again. Smart Evolution Technology truly gives you a new TV every year.

* Evolution Kit, sold separately. Evolution Kit improvement levels are limited to year of launch and application availability. Actual performance may vary and subject to model specifications and hardware limitations. Evolution Kit may not support certain applications and functions previously installed or available on your TV. Please check for more details before installing Evolution Kit.

Revolutionary TV design that catches your eye and transforms your living room

With only a 5 mm frame around the screen, the TV frame virtually disappears during viewing and leaves you with a far more immersive experience. When the TV is not being used, the narrow frame elegantly compliments any rooms’ décor and stands out as a truly unique TV design.

Micro Dimming Pro

Ever watch a movie and find it’s hard to see an object in the background? Micro Dimming Pro analyzes each frame of video in dozens of areas to optimize the LED backlight and video signal for each frame in real time. By increasing brightness in the areas of the frame that are too dark to see, an overall 20% increase in brightness is achieved and finally you can make out that zombie lurking in the dark!. Along with and overall brighter picture, Micro Dimming Pro will also produce more vibrant and richer colors.

Intuitive interaction with voice and motion control

Discover Samsung’s Smart Interaction, a revolutionary interface that lets you access entertainment like never before. Never search for the remote control again or fumble in the dark to push the right button. Use Voice Commands, Motion Control and Face Recognition to control your TV, and other devices without the need of a remote control. Say “Hi TV” in up to 26 languages to see onscreen commands the TV is ready to perform. In fact Smart Interaction technology can also control other devices like cable and satellite set top boxes. • Say “Skype” and the TV will scan and interpret your face, with the industry‘s only TV with a built-in camera and log you into your Skype account to make a call. Say “Web Browser” and use hand gestures to scroll and browse the internet as you would on a Smart phone.
• Some setup is required
• We recommend using the Smart touch Control for the voice control function
• Voice interaction is not available in all languages, dialects and regions.
• Actual performance may vary depending on the language spoken
• Certain features within Smart Interaction may require Internet access.
• Smart Interaction may not be available in all languages/dialects and regions.
• Facial Recognition does not provide as high a level of security as logging in with an ID and password.

Enjoy smarter viewing with enhanced content and features

Enter a world of online entertainment with the new enhanced content made available through Samsung’s latest three new signature services – Kids, Fitness and Family Story. The Samsung Kids application brings together home entertainment with fun and beneficial educational programmes, Samsung Fitness lets you maintain your exercise routines in the comfort of your own home, and Samsung Family Story ensures that your precious family moments are not only saved but easily shared on your Smart TV. Experience breathtaking Full HD 3D contents at home with the 3D explore feature. These amazing new Samsung TV Smart Hub features will enrich your living and be your lifestyle partner.
• Content available via Smart Hub may vary among product categories, models, and territories. See for more details.
• Certain Smart TV features may require firmware upgrades.
• Fitness Service may not be available in all regions.

Share, store and enjoy content – it’s easier than ever

Enjoy a more intuitive and convenient viewing experience thanks to smarter connectivity. You can stream and share music, photos, movies and other multimedia directly to your TV with AllShare Play, and enjoy it on a bigger screen. Built-in Wi-Fi allows access to a range of nearby compatible devices, including mobile devices. With cloud based technology, you can also make the most of your content away from home. Share and enjoy your multimedia easily with better connections.
• Web storage requires separate registration with a third-party storage provider.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.
Certain Samsung Smart TV features may not be available without express consent to the collection and use of personal information.