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Experience Smart TV and Enjoy your Favourite Movies and Shows in Realistic, Immersive 3D. Samsung SMART TV

Experience Smart TV and
Enjoy your Favourite
Movies and Shows in
Realistic, Immersive 3D

Samsung’s Smart TVs deliver a completely different TV experience – now in the 3rd dimension. Just pop on a pair of the included Active Shutter glasses to enjoy immersive 3D movies, games and more – all from the comfort of your living room. Our redesigned Smart Hub provides a simple way to find apps and content as they are arranged into multiple panels with an easy-to-navigate interface and dynamic thumbnails for instant previews. The F6400 Micro Dimming feature enhances video performance while the Dual Core processor makes your web browsing experienceeven faster. The F6400 is more than just a TV; it’s a Samsung Smart TV.

Multi-task on your TV with the power of Dual Core

Now you can access apps, access the Internet and watch a movie at the same time. Dual Core makes your Samsung Smart TV more efficient by processing information twice as fast as normal internet enabled TVs*
*Based on internal testing

See every detail in your favourite movies and TV shows

Now you can experience better shadow detail and a sharper picture. Micro Dimming divides your TV screen into dozens of different areas. It then analyses each area and changes the brightness to better reflect the specific scene and create deeper blacks where necessary. Amidst dark scenes, it creates the perfect contrast and allows for better picture quality so you can see the details that you never knew existed. With Micro Dimming, you’ll get a more accurate depiction of all of the details.

Discover the 3rd dimension

Full HD 3D gives you better detail in each image for a more realistic and immersive experience. Whether you’re looking to watch the big game or a new blockbuster, the F6400 TV puts you in the action! Use the Samsung Active Shutter glasses and prepare to be amazed.

The gateway to a revolutionary entertainment experience

Get in right where the action is. Samsung’s Smart Hub creates the best environment for top notch entertainment. With immediate access to apps, videos and music, you will never feel lonely. Enjoy great apps from your Samsung Smart TV. Stay in the centre of your social circle with Smart Hub’s social page and see your friends’ favourite video clips through Facebook and Twitter. And even access photos, videos and clips on all compatible devices like a PC or a camera.

* screen image picture is a representation and may not reflect actual user interface.
* content, TV services and capabilities may not be available in all region and territories.


Selections based on your previous viewing preferences

Enjoy access to all of the apps you’ve come to expect from a Samsung Smart TV by downloading through Samsung Apps. You will be able to store all of your favourite apps on Apps page.


Selections based on your previous viewing preferences

As soon as you turn on the TV, ON TV will recommend TV programs based on your tastes and viewing patterns. This useful feature will also allow you to watch just the things you enjoy, without going through the difficulties of channel surfing.

Movies & TV Shows

Selections based on your previous viewing preferences

Enjoy a wide range of videos on demand with Movie & TV Shows. This page provides you with a quick and easy way to access all of your favorite movies and TV shows.

Photos, Videos & Music

Selections based on your previous viewing preferences

Samsung’s Allshare creates a wireless home network so you can enjoy content from compatible devices, like a PC or camera. Now you can easily share content, ranging from photos videos and music, on your Samsung Smart TV

Stylish design for seamless and immersive viewing

Improve your viewing experience and your surroundings. The LED 6 Series is developed for
enjoyment that goes beyond the screen. One Design brings an attractive premium
look that will brighten your home, with a thinner bezel for a more expansive
and immersive viewing. This is a TV that blends into your environment
perfectly, so there’s no distraction from your entertainment.
Enjoy One Design that appeals to everyone in every way.
*Product image is a representation. Actual colours
and stand designs may vary by region.

Helping you make the most of modern connectivity

The Samsung’s LED 6 series enables your TV to wirelessly access and stream content from any device, like a smart tablet. You can even plug your USB memory drive or HDD into the TV to enjoy your favourite movies, photos and music. Moreover, with the built in Wi-Fi, you can streamline your TV’s connectivity capabilities without any external features.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.
Certain Samsung Smart TV features may not be available without express consent to the collection and use of personal information.