The 1080p Samsung Plasma TV Series 5 represents the future of 3D technology. Get ready to turn all your content into 3D with the built-in real-time 3D converter, delivering 3D picture, sound and contrast. The 3D HyperReal™ Engine delivers unparalleled technology so what you see is as real as it gets, and Clear Image Panel means you always see a clear image from every angle. Plus, Cinema Smooth™ delivers greater clarity and crispness, and AllShare™ DLNA technology enables your TV to wirelessly connect with compatible mobile devices.

VIEWER WARNING: Pregnant women, the elderly, children under age six and those with a family history of epilepsy or stroke should refrain from 3D television viewing. If you experience any of the following symptoms while viewing 3D images, discontinue viewing: altered vision; lightheadedness; dizziness; involuntary eye or muscle twitching; and/or disorientation. For the complete warning guide visit 3D TV.

3D HyperReal™ Engine

The driving force behind the amazing colour and realistic images of Samsung’s new Plasma TVs is the innovative 3D HyperReal™ Engine. By optimizing performance and image enhancement, the Samsung 3D HyperReal™ Engine provides the most vibrant and crystal-clear Full HD images in 2D and 3D.

AllShare™ DLNA Certified™

AllShare™ DLNA technology enables your TV to wirelessly connect with compatible portable devices. Now you can share movies, photos and music all through a single device—your TV. And because the Smart TV is DLNA enabled, your digital content can be seamlessly shared between compatible devices for a more robust experience.

Thin Bezel Design

With Samsung’s Plasma+1” Design, you’ll benefit from an extra inch in screen size because of the thinner bezel. A thick bezel can be distracting and affect your viewing experience. The Plasma+1” Design brings back the joy of watching television and provides you with a larger screen so your home entertainment experience is the best it can be.

600 Hz Subfield Motion

By using the latest in subfield motion technology, the new Plasma TV is able to flash a single image up to 600 times/second. Expect smoother images and unprecedented picture quality—no matter how fast images are moving.

Full HD 3D TV

Active 3D viewing is the only way to experience Full 1080p HD 3D content. With the latest 3D imaging technology, you will be completely immersed in a new world of TV viewing reality. Less ghosting produces images that are razor-sharp and fluid, no matter how fast they’re moving.

Clear Image Panel

Clear Image Panel is a film filter in lieu of conventional glass. Eliminating the production of dual images, it produces a clear, consistent image from every angle.

Wide Colour Enhancer

Samsung’s Wide Colour Enhancer drastically improves the quality of any image and even uncovers hidden colours and details. It automatically corrects and enhances the level of green, blue, red, yellow, cyan and magenta of an image that would otherwise look washed up and lifeless


Concentrate your control. Anynet technology enables you to direct all of your HDMICEC-compatible digital devices – whatever their manufacturer – with a single remote control, for a streamlined home-entertainment experience.

AllShare™ DLNA Certified™

Bring it all together. AllShare wirelessly connects to compatible mobile devices through DLNA technology so the movies, photos and music stored on them can be viewed, listened to and shared on your smart TV.

3D Converter

See more in 3D. Built into your Samsung smart TV, dedicated technology converts 2D movies and shows into 3D, making even familiar content more thrillingly immersive than ever before.

Cinema Smooth™

With Cinema Smooth™, movies are reproduced with greater clarity and crispness like never before. Advanced 24p x 4 processing improves fast moving images and shows them as they’d naturally appear. It’s a cinematic experience second to none.

Samsung Star Service

Purchase any Samsung television 37" or larger and be eligible for the exclusive Star Service Program. Enjoy the benefits of a Personal Star Service Assistant, 24-72 hour home service within Canada, extended online warranty and much more.

A Perfect Fit

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