The ultra-slim and beautifully designed Samsung Plasma TV Series 6, 6500 Series will take your breath away.

VIEWER WARNING: Pregnant women, the elderly, children under age six and those with a family history of epilepsy or stroke should refrain from 3D television viewing. If you experience any of the following symptoms while viewing 3D images, discontinue viewing: altered vision; lightheadedness; dizziness; involuntary eye or muscle twitching; and/or disorientation. For the complete warning guide visit 3D TV.

Adding intelligence to Smart TV

Advanced SMART TV features such as Smart Hub, Search All, and Your Video will take your viewing experience out of the home and online for an entirely new experience. Search for your favourite movie or actor with the advanced Search All feature, and check out the latest Apps at the Samsung App store. Do it all wirelessly with Series 6 6500 Series built-in Wi-Fi. Samsung Clear Image Panel makes viewing perfect from every angle while you experience the next breathtaking level in the evolution of 3D with the new Series 6 Plasma TV.

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Full HD 3D TV

Active 3D viewing is the only way to experience Full 1080p HD 3D content. With the latest 3D imaging technology, you will be completely immersed in a new world of TV viewing reality. Less ghosting produces images that are razor-sharp and fluid, no matter how fast they’re moving. Watch any content in 3D with our built-in 3D converter.

Thin Bezel Design

With Samsung’s Plasma+1” Design, you’ll benefit from an extra inch in screen size because of the thinner bezel. A thick bezel can be distracting and affect your viewing experience. The Plasma+1 Design brings back the joy of watching television and provides you with a larger screen so your home entertainment experience is the best it can be.

3D Converter

See more in 3D. Built into your Samsung TV, dedicated technology converts 2D movies and shows into 3D, making even familiar content more thrillingly immersive than ever before.

Smart Hub

Smart Hub is a portal to all your Smart TV’S features. Start with an array of convenient Apps and services that are continually being added.

Clear Image Panel

Clear Image Panel is a film filter in lieu of conventional glass. Eliminating the production of dual images, it produces a clear, consistent image from every angle.

Samsung Apps

Unleash the true potential of your Samsung Smart TV by accessing the world’s first TV App store with the widest variety of Samsung Apps for TV available today. They provide you with a quick and easy way to access your favourite content through your Samsung Smart TV.

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ConnectShare™ Movie

Tap your digital devices. ConnectShare™ Movie transforms your TV into a home entertainment theatre - simply plug in your USB memory drive or connect your hard disk drive to screen the movies, photos and music stored there.

Search All

Find more TV content. Samsung Search All brings you easy ways to locate shows you want to watch – even while you’re viewing live TV – and helps series 8, 7 and 6 owners find related content on the web.

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Cinema smooth

Watch movies with sharp contrast, crisp picture quality and now with lower energy bills. Cinema Smooth technology automatically controls the letterbox lighting by turning off the lights at the top / bottom for an immersive experience.

Your Video

Get more from movies. Samsung’s Your Video is a bespoke Video on Demand service, recommending movie clips and TV shows that reflect your individual tastes. Its user ratings and concise synopses help inform your choices.

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Built-In Wi-Fi

Reduce the cable clutter. Samsung now allows you to wirelessly connect your TV to your home network and experience content from all your connected devices right on your TV.

Social TV

Stay connected with friends and family withSamsung’s Social TV feature. With Social TV, you can share your viewing experiences through blogging and chatting services, like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Talk, all while watching live TV!

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BD Wise™

BD Wise™ facilitates communication between connected Samsung AV devices, enabling them to share media information. The result is an optimised viewing environment for all multimedia formats.

AllShare™ DLNA Certified™

AllShare™ not only allows your TV to wirelessly connect with your compatible mobile devices, it also helps to enhance your overall Smart TV experience. That means you can share movies, photos and music all through a single device — your TV.

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Your Perfect Match

Find the best TV or Home Theatre matched perfectly to your home and what you watch!

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Samsung Star Service

Purchase any Samsung television 37” or larger and be eligible for the exclusive Star Service Program. Enjoy the benefits of a Personal Star Service Assistant, 24-72 hour home service within Canada, extended online warranty and much more.

A Perfect Fit

Finding the perfect Samsung TV begins with finding the right sized TV for your space. That’s why we’ve created a handy guide with tips and tricks for selecting a Samsung TV that’ll fit.

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