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SSG-3570CR Rechargeable 3D Glasses

SSG-3570CR Rechargeable 3D Glasses


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See TV in a new dimension
3D content is becoming more common than ever before, and thanks to Samsung’s rechargeable 3D glasses, you can experience it all. The flexible ergonomic design guarantees a comfortable fit for almost everyone, while the stylish look and feel brings a touch of luxury to your TV-watching experience. With Bluetooth® wireless connectivity and extremely fast recharging capabilities, you can experience the freedom and beauty of the third dimension from the comfort of your home.

You’ll barely know you’re wearing them

Samsung 3D glasses are an innovation in performance and ergonomic design. When it comes to 3D home entertainment viewing, it’s the flexibility and comfort of these glasses that really stand apart from the rest. At a mere 29 grams, these lightweight 3D glasses don’t get in the way of your viewing experience. The adjustable nose and temple pads make it easy for almost anyone to find a comfortable fit, while the luxurious design is made to fit you and your home.

They’re always ready when you need them

Samsung 3D glasses require power, but with the Quick Charge feature, it won’t hinder your 3D viewing experience. By recharging your 3D glasses for as little as one minute, you can actually get two full hours of 3D entertainment. Looking to watch a long, epic 3D movie? Not a problem. Simply charge your 3D glasses for 30 minutes and you can experience 40 glorious hours* of uninterrupted 3D entertainment. Samsung 3D glasses are designed to give you an unforgettable, uninterrupted 3D experience.

* 3D glasses sold separately in various regions.

Stay in sync with your 3D experience

Get a seamless, believable 3D experience through Bluetooth® wireless technology, thanks to digitally synchronised Samsung active 3D glasses. Once synchronised, Samsung Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled active 3D glasses allow for wide seating positions, so you’ll have lots of room to move around and your 3D experience will be uninterrupted even if you’re not seated right in front of the TV. Thanks to the intelligent connection between the 3D glasses and the TV, Samsung 3D glasses with Auto Power On function can be activated and deactivated automatically by the TV when a 3D image is playing. This further prolongs the battery life of the 3D glasses even if you have forgotten to turn it off. Thanks to Samsung’s 3D glasses, you don’t have to worry about missing any of the action.


Pregnant women, the elderly, children under age six and those with a family history of epilepsy or stroke should refrain from 3D television viewing. If you experience any of the following symptoms while viewing 3D images, discontinue viewing: altered vision; lightheadedness; dizziness; involuntary eye or muscle twitching; and / or disorientation. For the complete warning guide visit 3D TV. For the complete warning guide visit 3D TV

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