Convenient TV access with smart keyboard Accessory for SMART TV

Convenient TV access with smart

The new wireless keyboard from Samsung puts the power back into your hands. The easy-to-use full-size keyboard is perfect for getting the most out of your Samsung Smart TV. The wireless keyboard, combined with the speed of hot keys, makes using applications and chatting with your friends as easy as using your computer. Navigating web pages is also easier thanks to the built-in touch pad. The wireless keyboard also comes with enhanced Bluetooth® wireless connectivity so you can multi-task with ease by pairing it with other devices to quickly toggle the control back and forth. Your Samsung Smart TV and wireless keyboard bring your PC experience to the big screen.

Optimized wireless solutions
for Smart TV

This sleek and Smart Wireless Keyboard is the
ultimate solution for your Samsung Smart TV. Use
the multi-touch pad function to navigate, zoom in
and out and scroll with hand swipes, without any
need for a mouse. It also makes using the Smart
Hub Panel easy and enjoyable. The keyboard
gives access to easy access to browse and
navigate through whatever you want, making life
enjoyable and simple.

Touch pad

Support easy scroll up and
down web pages and panel
page movemennt on New
Smart Hub

Special keys addition
for Smart Hub

More, Search, Status, Recommand

Control multiple devices easily
with keyboard

Control your Smart TV and other Samsung Smart devices
with the sleek and stylish multiple device control Smart
Wireless Keyboard. Its multi-pairing functionality comes
with hotkey access, which with just one click lets you pair
devices, instead of doing it multiple times. It also lets you
change channels and adjust the volume easily. With its
aesthetic features and keys, this versatile and attractive
keyboard makes using your Smart devices even more
enjoyable and effortless.

Enjoy a wireless and user-friendly keyboard

Enhance your Smart TV experience with the Smart Wireless Keyboard. Accessing the internet with Smart Hub has never been easier. You can write social network messages and emails or enter web addresses quickly, easily and comfortably. Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity lets you get connected with no hassle and type from wherever you want, whether you need to be at your desk or relaxing on the sofa. Free yourself from cables with wireless typing.
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