Go Beyond HD. Samsumg UHD TV

The stunning F9000 UHD TV is destined to impress. This ultra-high definition television delivers four times the picture information of today’s HDTVs. * Visually, the frameless design and modern stand create a floating-in-mid-air aesthetic, while the ultra-streamlined One Connect cable patch box organizes wires into a tidy and unified connection. Background colours and the very finest details spring to life through Micro Dimming Ultimate with Precision Black technology. The powerful Quad Core processor ensures that the F9000 runs incredibly fast, allowing you to take full advantage of what this Samsung Smart TV has to offer. Innovative features like voice and hand-gesture control turn the viewer into a human remote, and the Samsung Evolution Kit provides you with latest upgrades for years to come. ** This is more than just a TV; it’s a superb statement in design and technology.

Discover UHD (ultra-high definition)

Go beyond HD and bring cinema-quality picture to your living room with 4K* resolution, which delivers four times the detail of standard HDTVs. UHD matches the resolution of a theatre screen, so when you’re watching a movie, it’s a true cinematic experience. Samsung’s proprietary up-scaling engine can also upgrade HD or Full HD to UHD by restoring detail information to create real-life picture quality.

Stay on the cutting edge

The Samsung Evolution Kit allows you to keep your TV up to date for years to come. Just plug it into your Smart TV† to receive all the latest features and upgrades.** Simply put, your Samsung Smart TV is ready to evolve with the times.

Combat the clutter

All connections come together with One Connect – a single cable patch box that acts as a hub for connecting A / V components. It organizes your connections into a single output, reducing the amount of wire clutter behind your TV. With One Connect, the back of your Smart TV will look just as pristine as the picture on screen.

The most advanced way to control your Smart TV

With a revolutionary voice command recognition system and intuitive motion sensing, the Samsung Smart TV engages you in a futuristic and effortless entertainment experience. So when you want to relax, and you can’t find the remote, all you need to say is “Hi TV” or wave your hand and the F9000 will let you perform a variety of commands like change the channel and raise or lower the volume.

The gateway to a revolutionary entertainment experience

Get in right where the action is. Samsung’s Smart Hub creates the best environment for top notch entertainment. With immediate access to apps, videos and music, you will never feel lonely. Enjoy great apps from your Samsung Smart TV. Stay in the centre of your social circle with Smart Hub’s social page and see your friends’ favourite video clips through Facebook and Twitter. And even access photos, videos and clips on all compatible devices like a PC or a camera.

* screen image picture is a representation and may not reflect actual user interface.
* content, TV services and capabilities may not be available in all region and territories.

* Based on the ratio of 1:4 in pixel count of a Full HDTV vs. 4K TV.

** Evolution Kit sold separately. Evolution Kit improvement levels are limited to year of launch and application availability. Actual performance may vary and is subject to model specifications and hardware limitations. Evolution Kit may not support certain applications and functions previously installed or available on your TV. Please check www.samsung.com for more details before installing Evolution Kit.

† Evolution Kit applies to qualifying 2012 Samsung Smart TV Models: UNxES7500, UNxES8000, UNxES9000, PNxE8000, and 2013 Samsung Smart TV Models: UNxF7500, UNxF8000, UNxF9000, UNxS9, PNxF8500. Some restrictions may apply