Samsung’s DA-E570 wireless dual dock is the only device that allows docking of both Samsung Galaxy and iPhone devices. This wireless audio dock boasts modern connectivity with a distinguishing sleek classic design. Bluetooth enables the capability to stream music wirelessly from your device anywhere in the room.

Access music from multiple devices

Connect and stream music in high quality from multiple devices with high Bluetooth performance with the upgraded Bluetooth version 3.0. Use your Bluetooth enabled device as a wireless remote to conveniently select and play music from anywhere in the room. In addition, connect with devices which are auxiliary input enabled to further allow for a variety of access to music sources.

The world’s first dual docking audio system

This is the first audio dock system that is compatible with both Samsung Galaxy devices and iPhone devices, enabling you to dock and charge these two types of devices. Galaxy devices include the SII, SIII phone, Note and Player, and iPhone devices include iPod and iPhone.

Make the most of Samsung Wireless Audio with Dock App features

Download the Samsung Wireless Audio with Dock App and play music from Galaxy devices and access a range of useful functional features. You can check battery level, find out what the time is and hear reports of the weather and even the current temperature. Bluetooth enabled Android devices benefit from auto pairing, which makes streaming and enjoying your various music collections nice and easy. The app can also remember where your music stopped playing after being disconnected for a phone call, and will then play from that very same spot when reconnected.
• Certain Android devices will not be able to use this application due to firmware compatibility issues.

Play music directly from USB sources

Make sure you can access all your music – including via digital formats. This means that you can now play songs directly from USB memory sticks. Make the most of MP3, WAV and WMA audio files with professional-grade sound.

iPod / iPhone

• Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Player, iPhone and iPod
• "Made for iPod", "Made for iPhone" means accessory has been designed to connect with such Apple devices and has been certified to meet Apple standards.
• Apple is not responsible for operation or compliance with regulatory standards. Use of this accessory may affect wireless performance.
• iPhone, iPod classic, iPod nano, iPod shuffle, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S and other countries

AUX Connectivity

Access a range of sound sources via Aux input. If it uses a 3.5 mm plug, you can connect your CD / DVD player, karaoke machine, MP3 player, record turntable or other device. Get connected and hear it all.