Black Stainless Range

The ultimate in premium luxurious style

It’s premium design. A classic colour that complements any material. Elegant style, with a luxurious and light-reflecting black stainless steel finish. Fingerprint resistant, so it always looks polished. Intuitive technology, so it works effortlessly, too.
Define your style with the Black Stainless Steel Collection.

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Black Stainless Range / NE58K9850WG

Connectivity in the kitchen

Samsung’s Wi-Fi ranges combine advanced technology with the ultimate in flexible functionality to make meal preparation easier and more enjoyable for home cooks. Remotely monitor and control your oven using an app* on your smartphone. With the Wi-Fi connection, you can remotely turn on the oven, preheat and adjust cooking times and temperatures.

Black stainless range feature: FLEX DUO® WITH DUAL CONVECTION. The oven displayed is either evenly split in half, unevenly split, or not split at all when bigger dishes are cooking. When split, a turkey cooks at the bottom, while a casserole cooks at top, clearly indicating the control you have over temperature levels in both cavities, independently.


Cook food faster and more evenly with the Flex Duo® Oven’s Dual Convection system. It allows the single oven to split into two ovens with the Smart Divider and also uses convection cooking in both ovens. Two temperature controls cook dishes simultaneously at different temperatures.

Black stainless range feature: This range’s middle-hinged door opens in two steps: halfway in the first step, and completely in the second step.


This unique middle-hinged door can open just the top section or the full oven, for total flexibility and energy efficiency. Used with the Flex Duo® Smart Divider, it’s like having two ovens in one.

Black stainless range feature: Soft Close Door. This oven is equipped with a very soft closing door.


Samsung’s premium soft closing door enables the oven door to close easily and quietly.

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