Chef Collection Dishwasher

Chef inspired dishwasher with WaterWall™ Technology and Star display

The new Samsung Chef Collection dishwasher features breakthrough WaterWall™ Technology that is designed to clean every item in the dishwasher with exceptional power and range.

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Chef Collection Dishwasher / DW80H9970US/AC
Davide Oldani / Samsung Club des Chefs
In a restaurant, presentation is everything. Every dish and cutlery must be perfectly clean. But we’ve all had some unpleasant experiences so we wondered if Samsung could solve this.
Davide Oldani / Samsung Club des Chefs


This revolutionary technology reaches where the traditional rotary-arm spray could not. Featuring a moving spray bar for increased water pressure and coverage, it ensures a more even, thorough washing performance than conventional rotary spraying systems.

Chef Collection dishwasher feature: Waterwall™ Technology. A moving spray bar glides back and forth in the dishwasher reaching even the toughest areas.


Our third rack featuring a bendable silverware tray provides added loading and unloading convenience. The removable Flextray™ is perfect for oversized or hard-to-fit items allowing you to lay silverware flat for better cleaning.

Chef Collection dishwasher feature: Third rack with FlexTray™. Two hands lifting a bendable silverware tray full of silverware show how this feature is convenient and easy to use.


Control the water pressure on both the right and left sides of your dishwasher, so that pots and pans needing a stronger clean can go on the same rack as fine china. Save time and energy by combining two wash cycles into one.

Chef Collection dishwasher feature: Zone Boost. A diagram shows how you can get stronger streams on the left or right side of your dishwasher; pressure where you need it most.
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