Chef Collection Range

Chef Inspired Range with a professional Induction Cooktop

Samsung’s 5.8 cu. ft. Slide-In Induction range is the perfect combination of style and technology, boasting faster heating times and smooth, cool surfaces for easy cleaning.

Chef Collection Range / NE58H9970WS/AC
Elena Arzak / Samsung Club des Chefs
Taste is about the harmony of texture and flavour, but many people don’t realise that they also need moisture control for that.
Elena Arzak / Samsung Club des Chefs


Samsung Induction ranges feature intuitive cookware recognition that generates powerful heat only when a pot or pan is detected, making it safer, cleaner and faster than gas or electric.

Chef collection refrigerator feature: Intuitive technology. A pot of boiling water shows how this cooktop is much faster than the competition’s. A diagram also shows how our induction range is much more efficient, wasting only 10% of the heat, compared to 60% for conventional gas range. A third and fourth diagram show how safe and precise this cooktop is, generating heat only when a pot or pan is detected.


Glowing LED lights give the appearance of real flames.

Chef collection refrigerator feature: Virtual Flame ™. LED lights placed around the cooktop reflect on the pots and pans and give the appearance of real flames.


Cook two meals at different temperatures at the same time. This innovative and unique design lets you easily switch from a large single cavity to two smaller cavities with independently controlled temperatures. Double oven when you want it, single oven when you need it.

Chef collection refrigerator feature: Flex Duo™. A nice casserole, cooking at 425°F, on top of delicious desserts, cooking at 360°F, illustrate how you can split your oven in two independent compartments when you need it.


Intuitive controls direct you quickly and easily through the cooking process, with step-by-step instructions that light up in sequences, as you need them.

Chef collection refrigerator feature: Guiding light control system. A dashboard is split in 4 easy steps with controls that light up in sequence.
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