Chef Collection Refrigerator

Designed by master chefs with the sophisticated cook in mind

Indulge your inner gourmet with our state-of-the-art refrigerator. Every appliance in the collection has been tested and approved by Michelin Star chefs to build the best kitchen possible. You’ll love the innovative touches and attention to detail on very item in our Chef Collection.

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Chef Collection Refrigerator / RF34H9960S4/AA
Michel Troisgros / Samsung Club des Chefs
As any chef knows, great dishes are all about enhancing the original flavour of the ingredients. To do so, it is essential to store them at the right temperature all the time.
Michel Troisgros / Samsung Club des Chefs


This ultra-high capacity 4-door refrigerator is the largest in Samsung’s current lineup. With 34 cubic feet of space, it has enough room to fit up to 34 bags of groceries.

Chef collection refrigerator feature: 4-door French door refrigerator. A wide-open four-door refrigerator is displaying its many shelves and compartments. Types of foods, organized by category, suggest different temperature levels in the different compartments.


Keep fruits and vegetables fresh for longer thanks to Samsung’s Triple Metal Cooling, a powerful cooling system that includes a high-end stainless steel interior. By independently controlling the temperature of the fresh food and freezer compartments, the unit maintains high-energy efficiency with faster cooling and higher humidity levels, so the natural moisture in foods is preserved for longer.

Chef collection refrigerator feature: Triple Cooling System. A first diagram called “TRIPLE COOLING” shows 3 compartments with independent temperature control. A second diagram called “METAL COOLING” demonstrates even temperature distribution across the fridge of 36°F.


Easily switch from fridge to freezer and back again with CoolSelect Plus. The flexible bottom-right door can be a fridge or a freezer, maximizing fresh food storage. Choose between four customizable temperature settings, ranging from 5 to -22 degrees Celsius.

Chef collection refrigerator feature: COOLSELECT PLUS® CONVERTIBLE ZONE. A chart of four customizable temperature settings: fridge (2°C), chill (-1°C), soft freeze (-5°C) and frozen (-23°C). Next to the chart, the bottom right door of a fridge is wide open showing us frozen products.


Features the convenience of a built-in chilled sparkling or still water dispenser, powered by SodaStream

Chef collection refrigerator feature: Automatic Sparkling Water. A glass of fresh sparkling water with ice is one of the benefits of a sparkling water dispenser powered by SodaStream.
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