By Michel Troisgros

Parmesan Soufflée Omelette

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By Michel Troisgros

10 min
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Ingredients (Serves 6)

8 (very) fresh eggs
80 g flour
50 cl milk
80 g butter
100 g Parmesan
Table salt


Separate the egg yolks from the egg whites and put them in two different bowls. Mix the yolks with the flour and a pinch of salt. Whisk until smooth. Bring the milk and the butter to a boil. Mix it with the yolk/flour/salt mix (with a whisk). Cook for one minute while continually stirring the mixture. Beat the egg whites until stiff. When they are firm enough, gently incorporate the egg whites to the hot mixture. Melt the butter in the pan. When the butter is foamy, pour the egg mixture in the pan. Raise the heat to high and cook for a few seconds, then put the pan in the oven (180 degrees Celsius). Cook for 5 minutes. Take it out of the oven and add some grated Parmesan on top. Fold the omelette and put it on a large oval dish.

Parmesan Soufflée Omelette.
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