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Boiled Beef Dinner

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Boiled Beef Dinner Recipe

Poaching consists of cooking foods gently in a liquid (such as water, syrup, milk or stock). Meats, poultry, eggs, fruits, and fish can be poached. Foods can be poached hot or cold. Start with a hot liquid for less fragile foods that require searing to retain flavour (like rice, pasta, fresh vegetables or fruits). Start with a cold liquid for food that will benefit from a flavour exchange; for example, a bouillon for poaching poultry or a broth for beef.

Boiled Beef Dinner.
100 min
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Ingredients (Serves 4)

1 kg of an assortment of beef cuts (beef shin, top rib of beef, blade bone, chuck)
1 bouquet garni (made by tying thyme sprigs and bay leaves in a leek green)
4 carrots
4 turnips
2 onions
2 celery ribs
4 leek whites
4 marrow bones
Salt and pepper


Place the meats in a large pot and cover with cold water. Bring to a boil and then reduce the heat, skimming off the foam regularly for the first 10 minutes. Add the bouquet garni, reduce the heat to low and continue cooking for 1½ hours. Meanwhile, peel the carrots, turnips, onions and celery ribs, leaving them whole. Cut the leek whites into 3 equal lengths and tie with a string. Soak the marrow bones in cold water to remove the blood. Drain and dip the ends of the marrow bones in coarse salt to prevent the marrow from sliding out. Add the salt and onion after the beef has simmered for ½ hour and continue cooking. Add the vegetables and marrow bones to the pot after the beef has simmered for about an hour, and simmer for 30 minutes longer.

Chef Secret

Set aside the cooking bouillon, skim off the fat and use the bouillon for soup and casseroles. The beef can also be served cold, sliced and tossed in vinaigrette with shallots and baby gherkins as a delicious salad.

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