Clear view cover

Accentuate the Galaxy Note5’s stunning design and colours with a transparent cover exclusively designed for your phone. Protect your Galaxy Note5 in style.

Glitter Cover

Add some bling with this exquisite, eye-catching cover.

Keyboard Cover

A fuss-free QWERTY keyboard cover for your Galaxy Note5. Take yourtyping experience to a whole new level.

Wireless Charger Pack

Aportable charger and a sturdy case rolled into one. Enjoy powerful wireless freedom for your Galaxy Note5.

Wireless Charger Pad

Greater convenience and quicker charging speed. Boost your power at lightning pace –even without the wires.

Fast Battery Charger

Get incredible fast charging functionality with impressive design and colours. A slim and lightweight battery pack. For a quick power boost – wherever you are.

Level On Wireless Pro

Get rich, clear UHQ audio – minus the wires. For wireless, authentic, studio-quality sound.