Launching People

Playing skateboard
We don’t just launch
the power of technology,
we launch the amazing
dreams and potential of people.
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Different minds come together to solve real problems.
Can one plus one become three?
We believe technology can help two people from different fields come together to solve problems. 


Fear is not real, it’s in your head
Fear is to be conquered
It’s a chance, a challenge.
Through Samsung GearVR you can overcome your fear and live your lives to full potential.
For everything you seek in life
Let nothing stop you
It's time to #BeFearless

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2015 1H
  • LifeLive

    Don't miss life changing moments with Samsung Gear VR.

  • What if I can

    Sharing energy through everyday steps taken on a 68-tile walkway.

  • Safety Truck

    Safer roads by reducing the risk of accidents through the use of transparent trucks.

  • Look at Me

    Help autistic kids improve their communication skills through Samsung mobile technology.

  • Power Sleep

    Donate mobile processor power while you sleep to support researchers to find cures for diseases.

  • S-Drive

    Turning smartphones into a safety tool for safer driving.