Samsung Flex Duo Range

Apr 13, 2012

The Samsung Induction Flex Duo™ Range brings a powerful induction cooktop and two ovens in one.
A Samsung range with Induction Flex Duo™ technology is energy efficient, easy to clean and loaded with features to cook multiple dishes at the same time.

Prepare the meals you’re passionate about. The new Samsung NE599N1PBSR brings incredible cooking power, energy efficiency and incomparable cooking control right to your kitchen. If you’re passionate about cooking the most delicious meals, then you’ll fall in love with Samsung’s new Induction Flex Duo™ Range. Treat your kitchen, and yourself to one of the most innovative ranges out there. Always cook with precision. With Induction technology, you get complete control over the amount of heat being transferred to your pots and pans. With electric elements, the settings are often MAX HEAT or OFF resulting in burnt or undercooked food. When you use an Induction cooktop your cookware is actually being placed within a magnetic field that begins to induce a circulating electrical current. The resistance to this current is what causes the pots and pans to heat up. You’ll also save on energy costs because Induction technology applies heat directly to your food, meaning no energy is lost in the transfer be r cookware. 1-minute boil. A watched pot never boils? Watch the Induction element boil a cup of water in 1 minute and you’ll think again about that statement. Stop waiting for your water to heat up with Fast Boil. Never boil over again. With Boil Alert you never have to worry about a pot boiling over. The intuitive Samsung cooktop senses small vibrations as water begins to heat up. When the vibrations reach a certain level, the cooktop automatically provides less heat and notifies you with a series of Beeps. The vibration sensors also notify your oven to use less energy when the pot is boiled causing the cooktop to cool down. It’s safe, smart and saves you time. Apply the perfect heat to make the perfect dish. With the FlexCook Zone you can evenly cook with your large pots and pans without having to worry about heat distribution. The FlexCook Zone allows you to bridge two Induction elements together on the cook lement. The bridged zone creates an unbelievably large cooking surface giving you even more meal options. Take complete control of your meals. NE599N1PBSR Flex Duo™ RangeSay goodbye to the old knob system and take advantage of Samsung’s bright and easy to view and clean Glass Touch Control system. With the Glass Touch Control system you determine the precise temperatures and times of your meals by using a familiar touch-screen. It’s also the central hub for everything happening inside and on top so you can always refer back to it for a quick look at the status of your meal. Harness the power of two ovens in one. Imagine having the ability to bake both your cookies and your pies at the same time. With Samsung’s Flex Duo™ technology, you don’t have to imagine. Thanks to the 1300 W Dual Fan Convection System and Flex Duo™ technology we’ve created two separate cavities inside your range. So you can cook me. Pursue your passion for delicious meals and ultimate cooking control with Flex Duo™ technology. Be a versatile chef. With the incredibly huge range interior, you never have to hold back the invites to your dinner parties. The Divider allows your meals to be versatile so you can cook appetizers and the main at the same time. And if the meal calls for a large roast, turkey or any other sizeable meal, simply remove the Divider and take advantage of the spacious 5.9 cu. ft. interior capacity. Always keep your meals warm. Sometimes guests arrive a little bit late to the party, but with the Warming Drawe r wonderful meal the way it was intended. The Warming Drawer is equipped with three preset temperatures so you can easily store your meals for later, all the while retaining their moisture and flavour. A 20-minute clean using nothing but steam. Say farewell to being on your hands and knees all day, scraping and scrubbing with dangerous chemicals because the Steam Quick™ function does all of the work for you. Simply put 10 ounces of tap water inside, press one button and you’ll have a clean range in 20 minutes. Cook meals to perfection. When you spend the time and money bringing home the perfect ingredients for an amazing meal, you always want to make sure to retain as much of the flavour as possible. Multi Fan Convection helps you cook juicer meats, flakier crusts and perfectly roasted vegetables faster than traditional ranges. And with controllable fans, you determine the level of heat inside your oven giving you exceptional cooking results.