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An immersive tablet viewing experience like no other

Immerse yourself in a revolutionary visual experience with the Super AMOLED display – innovation that fundamentally changes the tablet viewing experience. Colours are reproduced with 94% accuracy – compared to 74% on conventional tablets*

* Colour reproduction based on Adobe RGB. Based on the ratio of 4:1 in pixel count vs. HD screen.

An immersive tablet viewing experience like no other

Breathtaking Display

On the Galaxy Tab S with Super AMOLED screen, colours are richer, more vivid and more accurate. The screen contrast ratio is 100 times better than conventional tablets and resolution is 4 times better than HD.† Photos look like professional prints and movies have a cinema-like quality.

Contrast 100,000:1

Breathtaking Display

Breakthrough Design

At only 6.6 mm, the Galaxy Tab S is Samsung’s thinnest tablet. Light to carry and easy to hold, you can watch movies, play videos for hours wherever you go, whenever you want – the sleek, beautiful design of the Galaxy Tab S is form and function at its best.

Breakthrough Design

More Features

Display Optimized for your viewing experience

The adaptive display delivers the trademark Samsung experience as it automatically adjusts based on what you’re watching and where you’re viewing it. And because it is more power efficient, you can watch and do more of what you want for longer.

Play More, Do More, Share More with Exclusive Galaxy Features

Loaded on every Galaxy Tab S are exclusive Galaxy features including Multi-Window and Ultra Power Saving Mode:
• Multi-Window, so you can multi-task and run two apps on your screen at the same time.
• Ultra Power Saving Mode conserves battery life when you need it most by switching the display to black and white, and closing unnecessary background apps while keeping essential messaging functions running.

Privacy Plus

The Galaxy Tab S comes loaded with features that let you better protect your personal information. Fingerprint Scanner unlocks your device by reading your unique print, so it only works when it’s in your hands.

Seamless connectivity between phone and tablet

Once you set up SideSync 3.0 with your phone and GALAXY Tab S, you can view your phone screen on the tablet, transfer data, copy & paste text easily.

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