How Do I Check The Firmware Version Currently Installed On My Player?

Last Update date : 2014.09.09

Firmware Version Check Up

There are two ways to check which Firmware your player is running, both methods are covered below.

Checking the Firmware version using the Blu-ray Menu

1. Power on you Blu-ray player and wait for the home menu to display.

2. Using the right or left arrow buttons move to Settings and then press enter.


3. Using the top or bottom arrow buttons move down to Support and then press enter.

4. Software Upgrade is automatically highlighted, press enter.


5. By Online is automatically highlighted. The Firwmare version appears on the right hand side under Current Version.

• To check for updates select By Online and press enter. The player will connect to the server and look for a newer version than the one installed. Follow the on-screen prompts to update your player.

•If By Downloaded is available (not grayed out) this indicates a newer version has already been downloaded but has not been installed. Select By Downloaded, and then press enter. Follow the on-screen prompts to update your player.


Checking Firmware using the remote

1. Power on the Blu-ray player and wait for the home menu to display.

2. Press the Eject button on the Blu-ray remote and wait for the disc tray to eject. If your player doesn't have a disc tray you do not need to press eject, just be sure the Home Menu is displayed.


3. Press and hold the Info button on the Blu-ray remote until the information screen displays.


4. The Firmware version is displayed to the right of S/W. Press the Eject button to close the disc tray and exit the System Version screen.


Where to obtain Firmware updates lists current firmware available for your player and provides steps for updating your firmware either by USB or CD. You must enter your model number or select model by category to view your player's specific firmware.

When the available downloads are displayed, select the "Firmware' tab to view all updates. Clicking on the description link displays udate history and what each update includes.

The easiest and fastest way to check for Firmware updates is to connect the player to your wired or wireless network and then go to Settings> Support>Software Upgrade> By Online. If Firmware is available, follow the on screen prompts to download and update. If an error is displayed, the server may be busy try again later, or go to to update Firmware via USB or CD.

What if I just want a Firmware disc sent to me?

If you'd like a Firmware disc sent to you, click here to speak to a live chat agent. Be sure to have your full model code ready (located on the back of the player) and a shipping address so that one can be sent to you at no charge. Your model number will begin with BD-E.

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