Are There Firmware Updates For My HW-F750 Sound Bar?

Last Update date : 2014.09.08

Samsung Firmware Updates

Samsung may offer Firmware updates for your Sound bar from time to time. Firmware updates are also known as Software updates. To check if your Sound bar has a Firmware update available click here. The HW-F750 Sound bar product page will load, click the Support tab. If a Firmware update is available it will be listed.

If an update is offered, you can upgrade the Firmware by placing the extracted Firmware file on a blank USB thumb drive, and then inserting the thumb drive into the USB port on the Sound bar. If more than two files are listed, the order does not matter but you can only place one file at a time.

To update the Firmware on your Sound bar follow the steps below.

NOTE: You will need a blank USB thumb drive, and access to the USB port on the back of the sound bar.

1. Go to Samsung Support to download latest firmware/software version of your product. If you know your model number or the name, simply type it in in the box. It not sure what model you have, find your device by using the step-by-step tool to narrow it down.

2. After you have selected your model, you will directed to the support page of the product. Once you are there, scroll down to the Downloads & Manuals and right below the Other Manuals, locate Firmware. Click on Upgrade File(USB type)(all).

3. When your computer finishes downloading the file (about less than a minute) locate the file in your download folder, or wherever you saved the file, and then extract the file.

    • Windows Operating Systems come with built in extraction programs and you can often click the 'Extract files' button within the folder. For more help, click here to go to the Mircrosoft support site.

    • Mac Operating System options vary by OS type. Depending on your OS you can use Stuffit Expander (comes with the OS), or open the zipped file and then look for 'decompress' option. The OS X Lion allows to double click the .zip and it is uncompressed automatically. For more information click here to go App support.

4. Once the file is extracted right click of the file to copy.

    • You can also drag and drop the extracted file to your blank thumb drive.

5. Double click the drive letter that corresponds to your thumb drive.

6. Click a blank space and left click paste. The file will be pasted to your thumb drive.

7. Power on your Sound bar and press the Source button on the Sound bar remote until the front display reads USB. This places the Sound bar in USB mode. Do not press the TV Source button.

8. The Firmware will update automatically and the front display of the Sound bar will start at 0% and increase up to 100% indicating the Firmware update is complete. The Sound bar will then power off automatically.

    • If the Firmware update does not begin double check the file on the USB thumb drive. The Firmware file must be extracted and the only file on the thumb drive.

9. Make sure the Sound bar is powered off and press and hold the STOP button for about 5 seconds until you see INIT on the front display. This resets the Sound bar and completes the Firmware update process.

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