How Do I Perform A Complete Restore In Samsung Recovery Solution 3?

Last Update date : 2014.10.07

Samsung Recovery Solution III

Do not rename the backup folder created by Samsung Recovery Solution or change the directory structure in the backup. If the name or structure has changed SRS will not see your recovery point when you attempt to perform a restore.


A Complete Restore uses a Complete Backup to restore your system to the condition it was in when the Complete Backup was made. If you have no stored Complete Backups, you can still use the Complete Restore function to restore your computer to its initial status.

WARNING: A Complete restore erases all current files,settings, programs, and other data and replaces them with the files, settings, programs, and other data contained in the Complete Backup. In other words, it restores your computer to the way it was when you made the Complete Backup. If you have any current files you do not want to lose, back them up to a flash drive, floppy disk, CD, DVD, or other external media before you perform the Complete Restore. Also, note that any programs you installed after you made the Complete Backup you use in the Complete Restore will have to be reinstalled.

To perform a Complete Restore,follow these steps:

1. Open Recovery Solution III. The Recovery Solution III main window appears.

2. Click Restore. The Restore window appears.


3. In the Restore window, click Complete Restore. The Restore > Complete Restore window appears.


4. On the Restore > Complete Restore window, there is list of backups you created using Complete Backup and the expected time needed to perform a restore with each backup If you have reated noc backups, then only the Computer Initial Status backup is listed. Click the backup you7;d like to use for this restore, and then click Next.


5. Recovery Solution III prompts you to restart the computer. Save and close any open documents, and then click OK. The computer restarts and automatically begins the Complete Restore process.


6. After the computer restarts, Samsung Recovery Solution III launches automatically and prompts you to begin the restore process. Click Yes to start the restore process.

WARNING!  Before proceeding with this step please note: any data that has not been backed up will be deleted. This includes all files, settings, programs, and other data.


7. A progress bar appears showing the current transfer speed, the amount of data copied, elapsed time, and estimated total time to completion.


8. After the omplete Restore is complete, Recovery Solution III prompts you to restart your computer.Click OK to restart.


9. After you restart your computer, the restore process is complete.

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