Can I Increase The 3D Depth If I Convert A 2D Movie To 3D?

Last Update date : 2014.10.09

Increasing3D Depth (2D Movie to 3D)


When converting 2D content to 3D content, especially content without a lot of action, you sometimes need to adjust the depth. You can set it anywhere between 1 - 10, the higher the number the deeper the 3D depth.

Adjusting the 3D Depth

1. Play your 2D Blu-ray disc and press the 2D to 3D button to convert to 3D.

2. Press the Tools button on the Blu-ray remote. Tools menu displays.

3. Using the top and bottom arrows move to "3D Depth" and then press Enter.

4. Using the right and left arrows adjust the value, the higher the value the deeper the 3D depth. If you experience discomfort while viewing 2D to 3D contents, try lowering the 3D depth.

Supported Type of Content

• Any 2D content that supports 3D converion (Blu-ray, DVD movies)

• Smart Hub Content

• DVD/BD-ROM/VCD Video and Photo files

3D to 2D function is not available when:

• Before a disc is played, "Not Available" will display. Press Play first and then 2D to 3D conversion remote button.

• A 3D disc has already been inserted, since no conversion is necessary the function won't work.

• When the connected TV is not a 3D TV.

• When the HDMI cable is not a High Speed HDMI cable.

• When the 2D content does not allow for 3D conversion (some videos may be coded for 2D only)

• When you use the 3D conversion function the Bonus view function is not available. Depending on the disc, a black outline may display.

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