How Do I Link My Wireless Module To My HT-E6730W Blu-ray Home Theater System?

Last Update date : 2014.09.15

Wireless Module: Blu-ray Home Theater System

The linking ID between your receiver and the wireless module is set at the factory and should link automatically when both the Home Theater System and wireless module are powered on.

However, if the link indicator does not light when the Home Theater System is on or if your Home Theater System has been serviced recently, follow the steps below to set the ID and link:

Getting Started

    • You will need a small, pointed object such as a paper clip.

    • You will need the included Home Theater System remote control.

    • Clear any obstacles between the Home Theater System and the wireless module.

    • Power off both the Home Theater System and wireless module.

Follw the steps below:

1. With the Home Theater receiver powered off, point the HTS remote towards the receiver and press the 0-1-3-5 number buttons.

2. Power on the wireless receiver and press and hold the ID Set button on the back of the module with a small pointed object for 5 seconds. The blue link LED begins to blink rapidly. The link LED will continue blinking for about 30 seconds, this is how long you have to complete step 3.


3. Power on you receiver and wait for the wireless module and receiver to link.

4. The link LED will turn a solid blue when the wireless module and receiver are linked.

    • If the wireless module and receiver do not link, repeat steps 1 - 3 above to retry the connection. You can also try moving the wireless module closer to the receiver for linking purposes only, once linked you can place the wireless module back.


    • The maximum transmission distance from the product to the wireless receiver module is about 33 feet but may vary depending on your operating environment. If a steel concrete wall or metallic wall is between the product and the wireless receiver module, the system may not operate at all, because the radio wave cannot penetrate metal.

    • Place the wireless receiver module at the rear of the listening position. If the wireless receiver module is too close to the receiver, sound from the speakers may be disrupted due to interference.

    • If you use a device such as a microwave oven, wireless LAN card, or any other device that uses 2.4/5.8GHz frequencies near the product, sound from the speakers may be disrupted due to interference.

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