What Could Cause Network Issues On My BD-H6500?

Last Update date : 2014.09.15

 Network Issues

While it’s nearly impossible to cover all the different router and modem models and settings, we can easily determine if the router, modem or their settings are causing the problem.

You Will Need

    •Ethernet cable long enough to reach from your modem to the back of your Blu-ray player.

    •Samsung Blu-ray player remote To test your router, follow these steps:

1. Power off your Blu-ray player if it is already on.


2. Power off your Router and wait until it shuts off.


3. Power off your modem and wait until it shuts off.


4. Disconnect the Ethernet cable from the back of the router and then connect it to the back of your Blu-ray player. This bypasses the router and connects directly to your modem.


5. Power on your modem and wait for it to initialize and boot up completely.

IMPORTANT: Depending on the modem model/brand a series of indicator lights may need to be illuminated, indicating the modem is working properly and is able to connect to your ISP. The image below shows a general setup of the main indicator lights that must be lit, colors may differ depending on your modem model or brand. Refer to the literature that came with your modem or contact the modem manufacturer or ISP.


6. Power on the Blu-ray player and when the Home Menu displays use the arrow buttons on your Blu-ray remote to highlight Settings and press enter.


7. Use the up or down arrow buttons on your Blu-ray remote to highlight Network and press enter.


8. Use the up or down arrow buttons on your Blu-ray remote to highlight Network Status and press enter.


9. The Blu-ray player runs a Network Test.


    •If the Network test passes with a wired connection, the problem is with your router configuration. To further troubeshoot this issue, refer to the User Guide of your router or contact your router manufacturer.

    •If the Network test passes the MAC Address but continues to fail at IP, Subnet, Gateway, or DNS the problem is not with your router but with your modem and ISP. Contact your ISP for their troubleshooting steps and to verify your service is working properly and your modem is configured correctly.

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