How do I use S Finder to locate content quickly on my Samsung Galaxy Note® 3?

Last Update date : 2014.09.15

S Finder

S Finder makes it easier to search for a wide variety of content on your device. You can enter keywords using your voice, the keyboard, or handwriting using the S Pen™. To access S Finder, touch and hold Menu Menu key . Touch OK after you have read the helpful hints. Place a check mark next to Do not show again to bypass this screen.

Enter a keyword in the "Search" box to begin searching the device. Apply filters such as date, locations, content type, and content tags to narrow your search results. For a broader result, apply a filter without a keyword

Search Using S Pen

Using the Direct pen input method, you can search for keywords or symbols by handwriting them. To access the Direct pen input method, hover the S Pen over a text entry field, and touch Direct Pen Input. Touch f(x) to enter handwritten formulas and search for a solution in the Direct pen input box.

NOTE: The feature may need to be enabled. From the Home screen, touch Menu Menu key > Settings Settings Shortcut > Controls Settings Controls Tab Icon > S Pen Settings S Pen Icon > Direct pen input. Touch the slider Slider Off to turn Direct pen input on Slider On .

S Finder Settings

Touch Menu Menu key > Settings Settings Shortcut for the following options:

Results display order: Select from the following options: Frequently used category first, Currently used category first, Alphabetical, and Custom.

Category order: When you select Custom, you can arrange which categories should display first in the search results. Touch and hold 11  next to a category, and drag it up or down to position it in the list.

Select search category: By default, all categories are included in the search. Unmark the checkbox to exclude the category.

Select filters: By default, all filter types are selected. Unmark the checkbox to exclude the filter in future searches.

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