Galaxy Note 3 - How do I replace the S Pen™ tip with the additional tips supplied in the box?

Last Update date : 2014.09.25

Replacing the Galaxy Note® 3 S Pen™ Tip

In the event that your S Pen™ tip wears out. Samsung provides additional tips inside your Galaxy Note® 3 box. There is a little bag, containing a metal tool and five replacement tips. The metal tool is a simple Tweezer removal tool, allowing you to grasp the tip of the S Pen™ and pull it out with little effort and no damage to the pen.

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Removing the S Pen™ Tip

1. To begin, remove the S Pen™ from the Galaxy Note® 3 using the tweezers. Place the nub into the tweezers middle groove. Make sure to grasp firmly, but not too hard. if you mistakenly situate the nub into the wrong area and squeeze too hard, you could damage the tip.


2. Once you have positioned the tip in the correct groove, pull the tip out. It will slide out with little effort.


Inserting the Replacement S Pen™ Tip

1. Carefully, using your fingers insert a new tip. The tip should slide in easily, ensure that you don’t break the tip by applying to much pressure.

NOTE: You will not hear or feel a click when the tip is installed.



2. Replacement of you S Pen™ tip is complete.


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