Tablet PC - How Do I Use Touch Screen Gestures?

Last Update date : 2014.10.10

Touch Screen Gestures

Your Samsung Slate's screen supports touch input. Below is a quick guide to the various gestures that are supported. Bear in mind that these functions are application-dependant; some programs may not have support for every gesture.

Basic gestures - these are supported in every application:

Touch Operation





To select an item, tap over the item with your finger. This is the same as left-clicking once with a mouse




To run an item, quickly tap the item twice with your finger. This is the same as double-clicking once.




To drag an item, place your finger over the item and drag it to the new location. This is the same as dragging using a mouse.

Advanced gestures - support for these are dependant on the application:

Touch Operation


Press and Hold

(mouse right-click)


If you press and hold the screen for approximately 3 seconds, the pop-up menu appears. This is the same as right-clicking with the mouse.

Tapping two fingers in succession

(mouse right-click)


Tap with one finger and then tap with another finger while holding down the first finger. A pop-up menu appears. This is the same as right-clicking with the mouse.

Moving finger (scroll)


Move your finger up and down, left or right to move on the screen accordingly. This is the scroll function of the mouse.

Drag two fingers apart/together



Drag apart or together two fingers to zoom-in or -out of a picture or image.

Rotating two fingers (rotation)


Place two fingers on the screen and rotate one of them while maintaining contact with the other one to rotate the photo or image.



Flick one finger quickly to the left or right in order to move to the next or previous page.

To learn more about touch operations - Go to Start, type Pen and Touch in the Search box, and then Enter. Select the Flicks tab and then select Practice using flicks to learn about the various touch operations.

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