Galaxy Alpha - How do I assign a personal ringtone or vibration pattern to a contact on my Samsung Galaxy Alpha?

Last Update date : 2015.06.11

Assign Personal Notifications

To assign a personal ringtone to a contact on your mobile device, open the desired contact and touch 1 to edit the contact's information. Touch Ringtone.


You can select one of the preloaded ringtones by touching it in the list and touching OK, or add a personal ringtone from the sounds stored on your device by touching Add. Quickly double-touch Sound picker, select the music file you want to use, and then touch Done. You can play the music file from the beginning, or mark the Auto recommendations checkbox to have your device play the best part.

To assign a Vibration pattern, touch Add another field, mark the Vibration pattern checkbox, and then touch OK. Touch Vibration pattern. You can select a preloaded pattern, or touch Create to make a new personal vibration pattern for the selected contact.

To assign a personal ringtone for messages from the contact, touch Add another field, mark the Message tone checkbox, and then touch OK. Touch Message tone, select one of the preloaded ringtones, and then touch OK.


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