NX1 Camera - How to Take a Panorama Photo with the NX1 Camera

Last Update date : 2015.06.04

Samsung NX1 Camera

In Panorama mode, you can capture a wide panoramic scene in a single photo. Panorama mode captures and combines a series of photos to create a panoramic image.

Capturing Panoramic Photos

1. Rotate the mode dial to 1 , and then scroll up or down the options until you see and select "Panorama."

2. Press and hold the shutter button all the way down to start shooting the panorama.

3. While continuing to hold the shutter button, slowly move the camera in a straight line left, right, up, or down. An arrow pointing in the direction of motion is displayed, and the entire shooting image is displayed in the preview box. ‡ When the scenes are aligned, the camera captures the next photo automatically.


4. When you are finished, release the shutter button. ‡The camera will automatically save the shots into one photo. ‡If you release the shutter button while shooting, the panoramic shooting stops and photos that have already been captured are saved.

Tips for best results:

•‡ The resolution varies depending on the panoramic photo you captured.

• In Panorama mode, some shooting options are not available.

• The camera may stop shooting due to the shooting composition or the subject’s movement. If the camera is moved too fast, an error message noting this will appear on the camera.

• In Panorama mode, the camera may not capture the entire scene if you stop moving the camera when the end of the scene appears in the camera's screen. To capture the entire scene, move your camera slightly beyond the point where you want the scene to end.

• For best results when capturing panoramic photos, avoid the following:

    ◦ moving the camera too quickly or too slowly

     ◦ moving the camera too little to capture the next image

     ◦ moving the camera at irregular speeds

     ◦ shaking the camera

     ◦ shooting in dark places

     ◦ capturing moving subjects nearby

     ◦ hooting conditions where the brightness or color of light is changing

• Photos taken are automatically saved, and shooting is stopped under the following conditions:

     ◦ If you change the shooting direction while shooting.

     ◦ If you move the camera too rapidly.

     ◦ If you do not move the camera.

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