Galaxy Tab A - How do I change the screen lock type on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A?

Last Update date : 2017.01.25

Screen Lock

Choose a method for unlocking your screen. Different Screen Locks have different levels of security and options.

Note: The provided information refers to the devices sold in Canada. Screens and settings available may vary depending on your Canadian wireless service provider and your software version (Android 5.0 Lollipop for this FAQ).

Set a Screen Lock

1. From a Home screen, touch Apps 1 > Settings 1 .

2. Scroll down and touch Lock screen and security 1 under the Personal tab.


3. Touch Screen lock type to select a screen lock and level of security:


Swipe: Swipe the screen to unlock it. This option provides no security.

Pattern: A screen unlock pattern is a tap gesture you create and use to unlock your device. This option provides medium security.

PIN: Select a PIN to use for unlocking the screen. This option provides medium to high security.

Password: Create a password for unlocking the screen. This option provides high security.

Show or Hide Sensitive Notification Content

After choosing, you can select whether to show or hide sensitive notification content on the lock screen.

1. Touch Show content, Hide content, or Do not show notifications.


2. Touch DONE.

Screen Lock Options

Unlock effect: Set the visual effect used when unlocking the screen. (This option is available with Swipe only.)

Show information: Show the dual clock, or information such as the weather information, on the lock screen.

Secure lock settings: Set the following secure lock functions:

    - Lock automatically: Set the time after the screen is turned off to enable the screen lock.

    - Lock instantly with power key: Touch the ON/OFF switch to enable or disable locking the screen immediately when pressing the Power key.

    - Smart Lock: Set your device to stay unlocked when you have trusted devices connected or when it’s in a trusted place.

Note: Options vary based on the screen lock type.


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