Galaxy Tab S2 - How do I set up and use SideSync® on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2?

Last Update date : 2016.02.18


SideSync lets you easily mirror your device's screen to a PC or another Samsung Galaxy device. You can also share content between your device and a PC or another device.

For information on compatibility requirements, visit the Samsung SideSync webpage.

Install SideSync on Your Computer

You can mirror your device to a PC or Mac® when:

    •Both devices are on the same wireless network. You can also connect them using a USB cable.
    •Both devices have the SideSync application installed.

Follow the steps below to download and install the SideSync application on your computer.

1. From your computer, download SideSync for computer from the Samsung SideSync webpage.

2. Double-click on the SideSync installation file Icon_SideSyncPC.png (may be found in your Downloads folder).

3. Follow the on-screen instructions for installing SideSync.

4. The SideSync window will open in a corner of your screen and is ready to connect to a mobile device.

Note: If SideSync does not open automatically after installing, double-click SideSync Icon_SideSync.png to open the application.


Connect to a Computer

Note: To connect wirelessly, devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi® network. When using SideSync with a computer, you can connect with a USB cable

1. Open SideSync on your computer. If necessary, connect your mobile device to your computer via USB cable.

2. From the Home screen, touch Apps Icon_Apps_8_3.png > SideSync Icon_SideSync.png.

3. If this is your first time launching the app, you may be prompted to install SideSyncSource.  Touch OK to install.


4. Touch START.


5. Review the information on changing your connection settings and touch OK.


6. Touch NEXT to start searching for nearby devices in the same Wi-Fi Network. 

Note: A USB cable  automatically connects to the app without verification.  


7. Touch the device which you want to pair with.  

Note: Once your PC & mobile have paired, they will be automatically connected together when they are on the same AP (Wi-Fi/LAN).


8. The SideSync Notifications screen will open on your computer, and your mobile device will return to the Home screen.


Navigating SideSync

Mobile Screen Sharing 

When mirroring your device to a computer, you can interact with it just as if your device were in front of you.

1. When your device is connected to a computer, click Tablet screen.


2. Use your mouse and keyboard to interact with your device. Clicking the screen works like touching your device's screen. To swipe, click and drag your mouse. The Recent Icon_SideSync_Recent.pngHome Icon_SideSync_Home.png, and Back Icon_SideSync_Back.png keys are also available at the bottom of the screen. 


Screen Features

 Touch icon_SideSync_More.png to view additional options:

    •Icon_SideSync_Pin.png Always on top: Keep your device's screen in front of any other open screens. 
    •Icon_SideSync_Orientation.png Rotate: Switch between landscape and portrait modes.
    •Icon_SideSync_Screenshot.png  Capture: Capture a screenshot of the connected device.
    •Icon_SideSync_SidebySide.png  Enable Side-by-Side Screen Control: Control the screen from both the connected device and the SideSync window.

The following options are available at the top-right corner of the connected device:

    •Icon_SideSync_Minimize.png  Minimize: Minimize the SideSync application.
    •Icon_SideSync_Maximize.png  Maximize: View the connected device in full-screen mode.
    •Icon_SideSync_Close.png  Close: Close the Mobile Screen Sharing window.

Edit Favorite Applications

You can customize the favorite applications bar at the top of the SideSync Notifications window to display up to nine applications.

1. Click Icon_SideSync_Add_1.png to select the applications you want to display.


2. Click the application you want to add and click Add.  Hold CTRL (or Command ⌘ on a Mac) and click to select multiple applications.


3. To quickly delete a favorite, right-click and select Delete from Favorites.


Copy Files

SideSync lets you drag and drop supported files between your mobile device and your computer. In the example below, we are copying pictures from the Gallery to the computer. You can also move supported files from your computer to your mobile device.

1. From your computer, click Tablet screen.


2. From the Home screen, click Apps icon_apps_3_1_1.jpg.

3. Click Gallery icon_gallery.png and navigate to the pictures you want to copy.

4. Click MORE > Edit.


5. Mark the checkboxes on the pictures you want to copy. 


6. Open the location you want to copy the files to on your computer. 

7. Click and hold one of the pictures being copied to drag and drop the group of files to the new location on the computer. 


SideSync Settings

Click MORE to access the following SideSync settings:


    •Enable Keyboard and mouse sharing: Use your keyboard and mouse to interact on your mobile device by moving your mouse off the edge of your computer screen.
    •Enable Mobile hotspot: Use your mobile device as a wireless hotspot to provide internet access for the connected device.
    •Browse my mobile: Access files on your mobile device using Windows® Explorer (PC) or Finder (Mac).

        ◦Connections: Choose the log-on and connection behaviors for SideSync.
        ◦Notifications: Set up notification settings and sounds.
        ◦General: Choose where to save captured screenshots, set up keyboard and mouse shortcuts, and boost the volume of calls forwarded to your computer.

    •Information: View the SideSync version number and license information.
    •Help: View additional help setting up and using SideSync.
    •Scan for other devices: Run a scan to find other devices available for connection via SideSync.


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