Gear IconX - Indicator lights identification (SM-R140)

Last Update date : 2017.10.25

Gear IconX - Indicator lights identification (SM-R140)


The indicator lights inform you of your earbuds and charging case’s charging status.

Two earbuds indicator lights are located on the left and right sides of the charging case’s open

button and show the charging status of each earbud, respectively. The charging case indicator

light next to the multipurpose jack indicates the charging status of the case itself.













When you place your earbuds in the case, a LED indicator light on the rear of the case gets

turned on for about five seconds. The color of the LED indicator light shows you approximately

how much battery power you have left.


Green (5 seconds after connecting the charger):  The level is 60% or more

Yellow (5 seconds after connecting the charger):  Battery power is between 30% and 60%

Red (5 seconds after connecting the charger):      Battery power is low(lower than 30%)






• If power is lost, the indicator lights will flash red about for 30 seconds and turn off.


• When you disconnect the power source from the charging case after the earbuds are fully

charged, the green indicator lights will turn off after 30 minutes.


• If the indicator lights do not work as described, disconnect the charger from the charging case

and reconnect it.




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