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Samsung Smart Simulator

The Samsung Smart Simulator is available for most smart products.

The Samsung Smart Simulator is an easy-to-use online tool for finding simple solutions on your favourite Samsung products. It offers step-by-step instructions with images that guide you through to the end.


1. Save Time - Easy to use solutions allow you to troubleshoot your device on-the-go

2. Basic & Advanced Solutions - From changing your wallpaper to using Samsung Link, the simulator has it all

3. Cool new features or functions - Use the simulator and learn about all the cool hidden features on your device

4. See related support content - Based off your current viewing simulator, see all other related support content

5. Print - Print your simulator for on-the-go troubleshooting and sharing

How to find the Smart Simulator

1. Click the support tab on

2. Select your product

3. Click on the Smart Simulator button