Samsung QLED TV - Smart

Q Smart

Control devices with the OneRemote Control, or access your Smart Menu and content using a smartphone.

All you need is one

OneRemote Control

Say goodbye to your pile of remote controls. The Samsung OneRemote Control can control all connected TV devices from a single source with one device.

This image explains One Remote Control of QLED TV. There are various remote controls such as TV, DVD Player, Home theatre and they are controlled one by one. The user feels tangled emotions due to many remote controls so the user shows a gesture to combine every remote control. Only one QLED remote control is appeared. The image sound with rhythmical drum beats is heard as a sound.
One Remote
Voice Control
Everything in one glimpse

Smart Hub

The Smart Hub experience is now available on Android and iOS mobile platforms, bringing you one step closer to your favourite content.

The QLED TV is placed obliquely in the left side, and the NETFLIX content is selected from the remote control in front of the TV.
- To the left is a QLED TV with a Netflix video playing on the screen. - A hand holding a remote control comes into the view and the hand presses the Home button. - Smart Launcher UI is exposed, and a Netflix video is selected. - A Netflix video is playing.
Know what’s connected

Auto Detection

Find and recognize all your connected devices. QLED TV automatically displays device names, and makes all your input selections a breeze. *

Click for list of compatible devices
The QLED TV is placed obliquely in the right side and HDMI cable is connected to the cable box next to the TV.
- To the right is a QLED TV with Smart Launcher UI exposed on the screen. On the left to the TV is a connect box. - Inserting HDMI on the connect box - The screen is reading HDMI. - The screen is connected with Blu-ray.
list do compatible devices
Devices Brand MSO / Model
Game Sony PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
Microsoft XBOX One
XBOX 360
OTT Apple TV Apple TV 1
Apple TV 2
Apple TV 3
Apple TV 4
Amazon Amazon Fire TV
Amazon Fire TV 2
Amazon Fire TV Stick
Roku Roku 3
Roku 4
Google Chromcast
Nexus Player

Enjoy more with mobile control

Smart View

Use your smartphone to navigate the TV’s Smart Menu and control entertainment and games.

Samsung smartphone and curved screen QLED TV are located symmetrically, and the content selected by smartphone is being played on QLED TV. On the smartphone, various NETFLEX contents are spread like panorama.
Time to play big


Samsung QLED TVs bring entertainment and games into your home. Easily access and play top-rated PC games, all from one place.

QLED TV is placed in front, and a car racing game is shown on the screen. In front of the TV there are hands holding a game controller and manipulating the screen.
Seamless high speed games

Enjoy your high speed PC games on the TV via Steam link. It’s seamless with high resolution. Feel the speed. 1234


There is a curved QLED TV on the left and a notebook on the right. The TV and the laptop are connected through the home network WiFi and are streamed to the same screen.

Learn More about QLED Smart

  • the user shows a gesture to combine every remote control.
    Experience QLED TV
  • * Devices must be connected to One Connect via HDMI cable.
  • 1. Netflix streaming membership required.
  • 2. Watch movies like Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange, Captain America: Civil War, and more on Google Play Movies & TV.
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