Gear VR (2016)

Supreme comfort Complete focus Convenient control





Weight (g)

Accelerometer, Gyro Sensor, Proximity Sensor



Escaping to a virtual world is as easy as snapping your Samsung Galaxy smartphone into your Samsung Gear VR. Developed in partnership with Oculus, the leader in virtual reality, Gear VR is completely portable, comfortable to wear and simple to set up.

New Gear VR seen from top right perspective
  • Closeup of New Gear VR's strap holder
    Strap holder

    Anchored securely to handle epic moves

  • Closeup of New Gear VR seen from bottom left perspective

    345 g for extended
    sessions (312 g without front cover)

  • Closeup of New Gear VR’s foam cushioning
    Foam cushioning

    Soft with the right amount of comfort

Complete focus

The Samsung Gear VR launches you into an immersive 360° world that features cinema-like viewing, gaming, and so much more!

Simulated example of wearing the New Gear VR and seeing the 360 degree content

Convenient control

With a tap or a swipe. The larger and now completely flat touchpad exists for more precision and control. The new Home Key takes you straight back to Oculus Home.


    Press to return to Oculus Home


    Press to return to previous menu


    Tap or swipe the level surface for easy control

New Gear VR seen from the left showing the home key, back key and touch pad

Virtual Reality Made Easy

Gear VR works seamlessly with Galaxy smartphones using Micro USB connection. Simply plug in the phone to begin.

*Please note that Gear VR is not compatible with the Galaxy Note7.

Image of New Gear VR showing what it looks like after the Micro USB connector module has been inserted

Experience Samsung VR

Throwing you into amazing 360° virtual adventures, the Samsung VR* app is your portal to amazing videos. We're regularly adding a variety of content you can't find anywhere else. Enjoy 360° videos, live performances and more of the amazing experience that Virtual Reality has to offer. There's always something new in Samsung VR.

*Availability of updates, services, and content may vary by country or region.

Illustrative image showing what New Gear VR user would see when at Oculus Home
Background scene on Oculus Home

Immersive Video

New Gear VR seen from the top
Galaxy S7 seen from the side and about to be attached to the Gear VR
Background scenes for browsing UI
Background scenes for browsing UI
  • Created for optimised web browsing on the new Gear VR, Samsung Internet makes navigation easy, and prioritises videos and images made for VR. It also makes for a seamless transition from your Galaxy phone to your new Gear VR.

    Illustrative images showing examples of when looking at Samsung Internet
  • This is the app you want when viewing content created with your Galaxy phone or Gear 360, from photos to 360 videos. Supporting a wide range of formats and features including 2D and 3D video as well as 3D spatial sound and subtitles, it's the ultimate media player for New Gear VR.

    Illustrative images showing examples of when looking at Samsung Gallery

Better Gaming

Transport yourself into an immersive 360° gaming experience. There are dozens of games available on the Oculus store, and with new titles showing up regularly, there's always something new and exciting to play.

Enjoy your favourite content in a 360° environment.
Oculus video lets you watch trailers, clips and movies in a variety of different VR experiences, ranging from a living room to a full-screen movie theatre or the surface of the moon.


Unlock the mysteries of Land's End by exploring spectacular landscapes and using the power of your mind to awaken a lost civilization. Specially created for New Gear VR, Land's End doesn't require a controller.


Bring the fight to the Nergal in dazzling ship-to-ship battles. See the fight all around you, real-time, for fast-paced and accurate combat awareness. Steer your ship by moving your head, dodging asteroid fields and huge Nergal ships.


A visually stunning arcade shooter set in the sprawling EVE science fiction universe. Gunjack delivers fast-paced and fully immersive action in a gorgeous setting. It's the ultimate pick-up-and-play VR experience.


Explore the solar system in this beautiful and accurate real-time simulation. From the Sun to the darkest reaches of Pluto, feel the awe of floating in space around worlds no human has yet set foot on.


The world's first VR aquatic safari park. Explore a vivid underwater world full of life including dolphins, sharks and even dinosaurs! Use the gamepad or touch controls to go explore. This full version includes 12 habitats.

Examples of New Gear VR games in thumbnails

The stage is set

For turning dreams into plans, thoughts into action and bringing ideas to life. For experiences that change everything. Anything is possible with these Galaxy and Gear devices.

Samsung Gear Vr
Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge
Samsung Gear 360
  • 101° FOV
  • 345 Weight (g)
  • Accelerometer, Gyro Sensor, Proximity Sensor Sensors
  • 98.6 x 207.8 x 122.5 mm Dimension (HxWxD)

User manual & Downloads

How It Stacks Up

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**User memory is less than the total memory due to storage of the operating system and software used to operate the device features. Actual user memory will vary depending on the operator and may change after software upgrades are performed.