Gear VR with Controller

Soft and comfortable fit Take control in one hand Immersive experience
Color Black
Accelerometer, Gyro, Proximity


98.6 x 207.1 x 120.7 mm

Dimension (HxWxD)


Weight (g)



Snap in your Samsung Galaxy smartphone to enter a virtual world with the Samsung Gear VR with Controller. Take control and interact with the ergonomic designed remote to experience an immersive 360° world that features cinema-like viewing and better gaming.
Person immersed in virtual reality wearing the Gear VR and holding the controller

Wear it with ease and comfort

It's easy to get lost in the world of virtual reality because of the Gear VR with Controller. It's designed to feel comfortable, while the foam cushioning offers a natural hold for a more enjoyable experience.

3/4 view of Gear VR from the left with the controller
Ergonomic Design

For a comfortable and interactive VR experience.

Person wearing Gear VR with the Galaxy S8 and looking up
Gear VR seen from behind showing the inner lens, foam cushioning and strap holder
Strap holder

A stable and secure hold

Foam cushioning

Soft and comfortable fit

Hand holding the Gear VR controller, Front view of Gear VR controller

Take Control in one hand

The interactive controller and ergonomic design improves 360° gaming interactions and comfort with one hand.

Left side view of the Gear VR controller

Immersive Experience

It's a premium virtual reality experience with a wide 101° field of view with precise head tracking for a full 360° experience.

An animated sequence of the Gear VR getting closer and the scene changing to Gear VR content as you scroll down the page
video illustrating the experience of wearing the Gear VR and seeing a spaceship flying in outer space

Party in virtual rooms

Whether you and your friends are worlds apart or practically next door neighbors, Oculus Rooms and Parties are a convenient and fun way to spend time together. Put on your Gear VRs and set up an Oculus Room to engage in deep discussions or simply just hang out.

Oculus logo
Illustrated image of screen within the Gear VR of participants at an Oculus Room
Image of person in a boxing ring

*This image is for illustrative purposes only.

Galaxy compatible

Whether your Galaxy smartphone uses Micro USB or USB Type-C connection. Simply attach the port you need to your Gear VR with Controller, and you're all set to head into the world of virtual reality.

The USB port part of the image is magnified as you scroll down
Left half of front view of Gear VR with Galaxy S8 inserted

Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S8 and S8+, Galaxy S7 and S7 edge,
Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+, and Galaxy Note5.

USB port
  • USB Type-C USB Type-C port module for Gear VR
  • Micro USB Micro USB port module for Gear VR
  • Accelerometer, Gyro, Proximity Sensors
  • 98.6 x 207.1 x 120.7 mm Dimension (HxWxD)
  • 345 Weight (g)
  • 101° FOV

User manual & Downloads

How It Stacks Up

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**User memory is less than the total memory due to storage of the operating system and software used to operate the device features. Actual user memory will vary depending on the operator and may change after software upgrades are performed.

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Read and follow warnings and instructions with the Headset before use. The Headset should be calibrated before each use. Not for use by children under 13. A virtual reality experience may trigger health reactions. See a doctor before use if you have a history of seizures. Stop use if you experience any health reactions.